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Información general sobre Pipedrive

Pipedrive es una herramienta de gestión de canalización de ventas y CRM para equipos de ventas pequeños y medianos. Está construido de la mano de vendedores experimentos y "ex-Skypers". Pipedrive organiza oportunidades de venta de manera que siempre tendrás una excelente información general de las ventas, lo que te permitirá centrarte en los negocios más importantes.

Al abrir Pipedrive, siempre tendrás una única vista optimizada de tu proceso de ventas. Aporta claridad y hace que tu equipo funcione coordinado. Se realiza un seguimiento automático de tus correos electrónicos, llamadas y progresos. Pipedrive despeja el camino, por lo que puedes centrarte en hacer lo que mejor sabes hacer. Debido a que la canalización es tu punto de partida, Pipedrive mantiene tus acciones centradas en el punto de mira, de forma que tus objetivos serán realistas, no idealistas.

Pipedrive se integra con Contactos de Google, Google Calendar y otras aplicaciones de Google y se puede acceder a través de equipos de escritorio o dispositivos móviles.


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Asia, Australia, Brasil, Canadá, China y otros 5, Europa, Alemania, India, Japón, Latinoamérica

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Neerlandés, Inglés, Finés, Francés, Alemán y otros 7, Italiano, Noruego, Polaco, Portugués, Ruso, Español, Turco

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Great product, easy to use and many features

Software usado A diario durante 1-5 meses
Revisado el 30/9/2018
Fuente de la reseña: SoftwareAdvice

Puntos a favor

• Workflow automation (Move a deal and an activity is added, whenever we make a new contact a new deal can be added, etc.) – Super Useful!
• Can send emails directly through platform and they show up in Gmail
• Does not intergrade directly with Intercom only through Zappier.
• Can link with Gmail calendar
• Analytics – With deals won (by month, day, year etc), value of deals won, average per deal, average time until a deal is won, look further and you can see what products make up those deals won (term, perm, CI etc),
• Deals lost – by stages, by stages over time, by reasons, by reasons over time (you can narrow what stage you are struggling in).
• Won vs lost – rate of % on conversion to the next stage, conversion for the first stage, lost from this stage, conversion to won (win/loss ratio). Track the % chance of moving the deal to one stage to the next.
• Forecasting revenue – Current revenue, future deals to be won, can update the close dates from month to month, see what has been won, view the stages on the open deals and adjust the closing month (status bar showing its stage), set delivery date option (ie you put the deal in won when it goes to underwriting and the sits there for a period of time (3 weeks) to get a precise date when the revenue is received).
• Deal conversion but nothing else, Deals won, Deals lost, revenue Forecast (platinum only)
• Deal won can set an email reminder to our future admin person to send a thank you card!
• Works with mailchimp as well
• Customer success team can help after the client is opened. No time limit available.
• Has slack and Trello integration
• Direct integrations with analytics and marketing software.
• Integration with intercom through automate (can create a note on the clients profile on the CRM when a message is received or sent).
• Can 2 way sync all intercom and CRM contacts through PieSync App
• Create Pipedrive deals for new Intercom users (Zap)
• Most integrations available by far

Puntos en contra

Not as clean as Fresh Sales, does not have an internal platform for email messaging must link with mail chimp.

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Driving you pipeline to success

Software usado Semanalmente durante Más de dos años
Revisado el 20/7/2018
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Puntos a favor

Pipedrive’s lead management CRM is intuitive, well-organized/easily customizable, and perfect for any sized company. It’s been extremely beneficial in helping to streamline our sales processes. I would strongly recommend enrolling in Pipedrive’s free trial; this will let you test out any of Pipedrive’s plans for the full thirty to get a better feel for how it works and find the correct plan for your needs.

Pipedrive’s Silver plan is very reasonably priced and comes with all the CRM necessities suitable for most small to mid-sized business. Sales… it’s a messy process… but there’s no headache with Pipedrive. You can easily set up customized pipelines for each user as well as view and transfer deals between pipelines. The ability to utilize two separate Pipelines to test against each other has been really beneficial in helping us groom our sales initiatives and outreach tactics. You can also, send emails from directly within the CRM’s platform; saving you time to engage more with potential clients and aids the process for keeping track of follow-up appointments and next step action items (discovery calls, presentations, proposals). Pipedrive supports over 100+ apps and integrations; we’ve integrated Lead Liaison, our lead generation tracking application, with Pipedrive so we don’t have to manually enter new leads, prospects, etc. from one CRM to the next. As an alternative to using the integration(s) you can also import spreadsheets directly into Pipedrive and assign deals and prospects to a specific owner. One of Pipedrive’s best features is the option to import contacts and merge them with those already in your database so you don’t have duplicates. This application is perfect for sales on the go; you can create custom reports to be sent to your email (for notifications on activities, emails, calls, etc.) and access your pipeline through Pipedrive’s mobile app so you can keep up with your clients and sales team(s) at all times.

Puntos en contra

Although the Silver plan does not provide all the enriched features as the Gold, (i.e. 2-way email syncing, call scheduler, email tracking, etc.) we don’t want to switch all of our users over to the Gold plan because only a few of them would benefit from/would need the extra features. I wish there was a way to upgrade some of our users to the Gold plan and keep the others at Silver.

We use Pipedrive’s integration with Slack to notify our team when a deal has been identified, won and/or lost. Currently, you have to use a third-party (Zapier) if you would like your notifications to be more specific and I have been unable to get Zapier to work correctly for us. I have already reached out to both sides for help but have not come to a solution (… so beware you may run into problems with integrations – without a lot of helping support from either side).

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Facilidad de uso
Asistencia al cliente

Probabilidad de recomendación

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Pipedrive is an exceptional tool for Sales Managers and Sales Teams

Software usado A diario durante 1-5 meses
Revisado el 27/11/2017
Fuente de la reseña: SoftwareAdvice

Puntos a favor

The brilliance of Pipedrive is that by implementing the tool, Sales Managers as well as business owners will find that they simultaneously build best practice Sales Management capability into their businesses.
Pipedrive really feels like it has been built by Sales Managers and Sales People, rather than by technical people, as it takes into account the things that frustrate Sales Teams the most.
For example, simplicity and ease of use is essential to ensure that Sales People adopt any new Sales Tool. Pipedrive has really embraced simplicity and ease of use. One company I work with has a team of sales people mostly above the age of 50, who have successfully adopted Pipedrive.
For Sales Managers, to have a tool to help them accurately predict whether their sales people are going to miss target, BEFORE it happens, is essential.
Pipedrive makes it easy to setup standard sales processes. And to monitor leading measures that will predict future problems. This gives Sales Managers time to take corrective action.

The tool also comes with the most powerful data import engine that I've ever worked with. So migrating legacy data into the tool is far easier than with any other tool I've worked with.

All in all, I give Pipedrive a big thumbs up.

Puntos en contra

This is a minor point because it's easy to work around this problem: Pipedrive's ability to filter deal data an become frustrating as you have to setup pre-defined filters, and you very quickly get bogged down with too many filters. The workaround is to export the data into Excel and manipulate the data from there.

Also, the ability to work with a pre-defined set of Products, while available in Pipedrive, is not the tools strong point. I hope to see a more refined implementation of Product capabilities in future releases.

Lastly, it's important to note that the pre-defined reporting only starts to make any sense after some history of data is available. Some of the reports make sense after a few weeks of diligent use of the system by the sales team. Other reports will likely only make sense after a few months of system usage. Obviously this problem is relevant to any sales tracking system, not just Pipedrive.

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Pipedrive is EXACTLY what our sales/CEO needed.

Software usado A diario durante 1-5 meses
Revisado el 16/11/2016
Fuente de la reseña: Capterra

We used to use endless excel spreadsheets and Dropbox to keep the sales/CEO up to date. This system did not work very well and was not helping our sales team and president/ceo keep up to date on the status of contracts 'in the pipeline'. When I saw an ad on Facebook for Pipedrive, I instantly knew it would be a perfect fit for our organization. It's super easy to use All you need is a browser. No more excel spreadsheets, dropbox accounts, syncing issues etc. The sales team / CEO can add new 'deals' in just a few clicks.

When I gave my presentation to Management, they instantly "got it" once I dragged a new deal from the first stage "initial enquiry" to the second state "contact made". When I then updated the deal to indicate that a proposal had been submitted, I dragged the deal over to the "proposal submitted" stage and everyone said "aaaaahhhhhh".

Favourite Features:

1. Ease of use. - All you need is a browser and there is a mobile app.

2. Deal stages - You can drag a deal from various stages (use the default or customize with your own sales pipeline) to instantly show what stage your deal is in. You can also have MULTIPLE pipelines. For us, we have a Primary and Secondary Pipeline

3. Creating Activities / Tasks - You can assign tasks such as 'emails, lunches, phone calls, follow ups' etc and have them assigned to users. Those users get automatic email reminders the morning the task is due.

4. Indications for overdue Activities / Tasks - You can instantly see (via a green, grey, yellow or red) Icon next to each deal if you have a task that is due today, or overdue, or no task assigned yet.

5. Reporting - You can instantly see in the 'dashboard' your current sales performances such as deals won (and for how much), the dollar amount of deals in the pipeline for each week, month or quarter etc, deals lost etc.

6. Email functionality - You do not have to manually copy / paste emails into Pipedrive deals. If you use the deal specific bcc address, all information in the email is automatically entered into that deal.

7. File uploads - You can upload your presentations, proposals straight into pipedrive.

8. Customization - Just about everything is customizable.

9. Deal Rotting - Deals are highlighted in red when they are 'rotting' meaning no activity over the past X number of days.

10. Dollar Amounts - Each deal can be given a dollar amount.

Puntos a favor

Ease of use.
Deal Rotting
Deal dollar amounts
Dragging deals from the various stages
Multiple Pipelines
Outlook Email Integration
Mobile App
Everything is customizable
File uploads
Weighted deal dollar amounts
Color coded icons for activites that are due, expired, or have not been assigned yet
emails for activities that are due that day.

Puntos en contra

Sometimes when you add a deal, you ahve to refresh in order for it to show. Also when you edit a deal and add a note for example, that deal moves to the bottom or top of the list in that various stage. It would be better if that deal stays where it currently is in that stage, even if you update something in that deal.

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The Best That I've Tried

Software usado A diario durante 6-12 meses
Revisado el 16/11/2016
Fuente de la reseña: Capterra

A few months ago, I started using Pipedrive. Back then I chose Pipedrive because they were the only CRM that would allow me to create a customer field not only populate that data from a spreadsheet import, but allow me to update that same field later with some new data. I work a lot with quarterly data from the banks, so that was what won me over initially. At the time I compared it to Insightly, which does not allow updates to custom field from an import.
A few month later as my business developed, Pipedrive then added the integrated email feature. That was awesome. My business model was evolving, so I tried out Insighlty again, Soho and Trello because I knew others that were using it. While Insightly and Trello would allow you to assign emails to a deal or flow, it was troublesome. Soho doesn't allow any email assignments to a deal. I'll give them Kudos though because I paid $25 to try them out and they were kind enough to refund my money. Now I know there are more CRMs out there. And I figure some of the higher dollar ones might do everything that I want. But right now I am happy with what I am getting for my monthly rate with Pipedrive.
Is it perfect? No. It's about 85% of what I need. Pipedrive comes out with new features all the time, so I one day they might be up to 90-95% of what I need.

So here are my Pros
Email Integration - with a click of the mouse I can assign an email to a deal.
The Ability to Update Custom Data
Mobile App
Communication with Support

I could use some functionality to automate the creation of tasks as the deal moves from one stage to another. I am getting around that right now by using Automate.IO and Zapier. They both provide 5 Free automation scripts.

The mobile app does not use email. So when I am out and about, I am using my Gmail for work and then I have to do some cleanup later with tying emails to deals.

I can't flag emails. For example, in Gmail if it is an important email, I will star it so that it is a constant reminder for me to address something. It would be nice to have a feature to do that with Pipedrive. At the minimum, allow me to create an activity with the email with the click of a button.

Lack of development communication - What's being worked on? Where is the developer / user conversation. It's not required, but it would be nice.

Overall I do enjoy my Pipedrive.

Puntos a favor

Email integration
Mobile app

Puntos en contra

Email integration - I would love to be able to assign an email to multiple deals.
Email flagging - I would love to be able to flag an email as important, like stars in Gmail, or have the ability to convert it to an activity.
Email on the mobile app - doesn't exist, which forces me to use my Gmail

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Precios de Pipedrive

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Funciones de Pipedrive

  • API
  • Base de datos de contactos
  • Campos personalizables
  • Creación de informes personalizables
  • Creación de informes y estadísticas
  • Gestión de calendarios
  • Importación y exportación de datos
  • Integración de CRM
  • Integración de correo electrónico
  • Integración de terceros
  • Integración móvil
  • Modelos personalizables
  • Notificaciones automáticas
  • Panel de actividades
  • Recordatorios automáticos
  • Seguimiento de actividades

  • Base de datos de clientes
  • Creación de marca personalizable
  • Integración de redes sociales
  • Pagos electrónicos

Preguntas frecuentes sobre Pipedrive

He aquí algunas preguntas frecuentes sobre Pipedrive.

P. ¿Qué tipo de planes de precios ofrece Pipedrive?

Pipedrive ofrece los siguientes planes de precios:

A partir de: $15/mes

Modelo de precios: Suscripción

Prueba gratis: Disponible

P. ¿Cuáles son las características principales de Pipedrive?

No tenemos información sobre las características de Pipedrive

P. ¿Quiénes son los usuarios habituales de Pipedrive?

Los clientes habituales de Pipedrive son:

Trabajadores autónomos, Empresas medianas, Organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro, Empresas pequeñas

P. ¿Qué idiomas admite Pipedrive?

Pipedrive admite los siguientes idiomas:

Neerlandés, Inglés, Finés, Francés, Alemán, Italiano, Noruego, Polaco, Portugués, Ruso, Español, Turco

P. ¿Qué tipo de planes de precios ofrece Pipedrive?

Pipedrive cuenta con los siguientes planes de precios:


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Pipedrive admite los siguientes dispositivos:


P. ¿Con qué otras aplicaciones se integra Pipedrive?

Pipedrive se integra con las siguientes aplicaciones:

ActiveCampaign, Acuity Scheduling, Bitium, Freshdesk, Help Scout, HubSpot Marketing, PieSync, SeamlessGov, Survicate, Zapier

P. ¿Qué nivel de compatibilidad ofrece Pipedrive?

Pipedrive ofrece las siguientes opciones de asistencia:

Preguntas frecuentes, Base de conocimientos, Asistencia en línea, Asistencia telefónica, Tutoriales en vídeo

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