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Corina P.
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  • Sector: Automoción
  • Tamaño de la empresa: 11-50 empleados
  • Software usado Semanalmente durante 6-12 meses
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  • Relación calidad-precio
  • Facilidad de uso
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  • Probabilidad de recomendación 10.0 /10

Wonderful Tactile Experience at Microsoft

Revisado el 30/3/2018

Excellent for use in your microsoft devices, versatility, quality of service and creation to improve the interaction with customers.

Puntos a favor

* It is a very interesting, versatile and complete tool to be used in equipment with Multi-Touch system, easy to download and install from your website.

* Allows you to take notes of documents, images and all visual aspects in a computer with WINDOWS operating system, which makes your tactile experience more attractive and gentle with the user.

* Create a totally customizable environment where the limit is only your imagination or the physical environment where the platform is installed.

* It has an Offline system, which allows you to work, create and enjoy without being connected to the cloud or an internet connection that does not allow you to download since you can work with your own personal gallery of images, files, videos, among others .

* The NFC technology is another great attraction, because if the application is created and is used in a team with this application, it is capable of recognizing all nearby devices that have this same technology.

* It has a projection system, which can be used in the secondary plane with any television or image emission device that allows to see what the user is doing.

* Its integration with HTML5 makes if you are an advanced developer you can have all the freedom you want in the creation of applications and new experiences.

Puntos en contra

It is a fairly complete application in all aspects, so it does not generate negative comments since it can be used both offline and online.

Kate B.
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Great multi touch presentation software

Revisado el 16/10/2015

I have tried many other products before choosing nuiSense business. I think it is the most reliable that I have seen, fully configurable and easy to use. A great touch xp!