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Transform surveys into a powerful business tool
Walsh Mobile Survey Solution allows users to create and manage multiple custom surveys with a range of response types, photos, notes, signatures and more Saber más sobre Walsh Mobile Survey Solution
Business process & customer experience management
Nextpond is a business process & customer experience management solution for any size business, with real-time customer feedback & employee training Saber más sobre Nextpond
Social media contest & giveaway management app
Socialman is a multi-lingual SaaS platform that lets businesses create and manage personalized campaigns and giveaways through multiple social media channels Saber más sobre Socialman
Retail & restaurant POS for any device
ProvectaPOS is a cloud based point-of-sale, inventory, loyalty and management system for retail and restaurants that works on any device Saber más sobre ProvectaPOS
360° Office Automation Solutions
Office24by7 CRM best for small and medium sized businesses to large enterprises to organize communications better and to improve efficiency in marketing and sales operations with automation. Saber más sobre office24by7
Online booking solution for gyms and studios
appointman is an online booking software for gyms and sports studios with class scheduling, customer management, and customer self-service class booking Saber más sobre appointman
Experiencia interactiva de realidad aumentada en 3D
INDE Broadcast AR es un software de realidad aumentada que permite a los usuarios crear experiencias de realidad aumentada 3D interactivas y personalizables en cualquier pantalla. Saber más sobre INDE Broadcast AR
Core processing software for community banks
FPS GOLD Core Processing is a core banking solution designed for community banks with tools for CRM, deposit management, loan planning, accounting & more Saber más sobre FPS GOLD Core Processing
ERP for wholesalers, manufacturers & omnichannel traders
Archipelia is a web ERP solution designed for SMEs with 5 to 500 collaborators in wholesale trade, manufacturing and omnichannel trade industries Saber más sobre Archipelia
AI-based customer success solution for Salesforce & Dynamics
Komiko is an artificial intelligence based platform for customer success management and account management. Designed for sales teams, Komiko integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to capture emails, events, and content, measures and scores engagement, and recommends success playbooks Saber más sobre Komiko
POS & online booking for hairdressers, beauty salons & spas
FlexyBeauty is a cloud-based business management & POS solution for beauty parlours, hairdressers, and spas, which supports online booking, customer loyalty programs, service packages, inventory management, website integration, payment processing, and more, with custom mobile apps for iOS & Android Saber más sobre FlexyBeauty
Software de automatización de ventas y CRM en la nube
SeoToaster CRM es un software de automatización de ventas y CRM en la nube que posibilita que las empresas puedan lanzar campañas, obtener información estratégica sobre clientes potenciales y clientes, así como gestionar y comercializar a los clientes potenciales con seguimiento por correo electrónico y la automatización de las actividades de... Saber más sobre SeoToaster CRM
Film festival organization & management assistant
Fiona is an online assistant for organizing film festivals created together with the IFFR, IDFA and NFF, providing organizations of all sizes with the tools they need to organize and program films and events, including features for selection, publishing, event scheduling, and inviting guests. Saber más sobre Fiona Festival
Cloud POS software for the restaurant & hospitality industry
anyWarePOS is a cloud-based POS (point of sale) solution for the restaurant & hospitality industry which supports features such as order, payment, menu, bar, customer, and discount management, and runs on any device with a web browser including desktop computers, iPads, and smartphones Saber más sobre anyWarePOS
Customer loyalty & engagement marketing tool
CrowdTwist is a cloud-based customer loyalty platform and engagement marketing solution for businesses of all sizes, which aims to drive engagement and loyalty by providing users with the tools to create personalized, omnichannel experiences using predictive analytics and visitor data Saber más sobre CrowdTwist
All-in-one market research & consumer insight platform
Q One is an all-in-one market research and consumer insight platform for multi-channel, multi-currency, and multilingual market research. The cloud-based platform offers a range of tools for research professionals that help increase panel engagement and identify opportunities in the marketplace. Saber más sobre Q One
Space, facility, asset & resource management & scheduling
EZBook is a space, facility, asset, and resource management platform that enables users to schedule and manage the utilization of spaces, facilities, physical assets and resources such as equipment, vehicles, workspaces & more. Organize shared resources and centralize all data in one place. Saber más sobre EZBook
Real-time customer feedback & experience management
OSI Feedback from Omnistar is a customer feedback & experience management platform that enables users to get real-time customer feedback using a simple one question email survey. Determine who the most loyal customers are and ask customers how likely they would be to refer others to the business. Saber más sobre OSI Feedback
Communication platform for sales & helpdesk teams
Samespace is a platform that simplifies communication for customer-facing teams like sales, support, and contact centers. Businesses can seamlessly engage with customers using voice or chat, monitor conversations as they happen and manage teams at scale. Saber más sobre Samespace
Event management software
Sched is an event management software designed to help users manage entire events in one place using a range of features including event scheduling, speaker management & sponsor management, plus calendar sync, digital signage, attendance management, event website management, & more Saber más sobre Sched
AI-powered customer analytics platform
Zylotech is a self-learning customer analytics platform for omnichannel marketers that predicts purchases, ensures customer profile enrichment, & brings up relevancy-based recommendations. It removes the need for resource dependencies & enables users to build long-lasting relationships Saber más sobre Zylotech
Customer experience management software
Instant eXperience is a cloud-based feedback management solution designed to enhance customer and employee satisfaction and engagement by capturing customer feedback across all channels and then analyzing it in depth using real-time dashboards, and more Saber más sobre Instant eXperience
Online scheduling & appointment booking system
TimeSchedule is a web-based appointment booking and scheduling platform designed to automate appointment scheduling, confirmations, and reminders for businesses in the health & wellness, education, fitness & recreation, salon & beauty, professional services, government and medicine sectors Saber más sobre TimeSchedule
User research platform for teams and product people
ConfirmKit is a user research platform that helps product organizations of all sizes to discover what their users really want. ConfirmKit helps product teams to conduct, analyze and store qualitative data from user interviews, highlight patterns / trends in data, and ultimately improve their product Saber más sobre ConfirmKit
Cloud-based CRM software for art galleries and dealers
ARTERNAL is a cloud-based Revenue and Relationship (aka CRM) software for art dealers, art gallery owners, and their staff. The customizable platform, with native mobile apps, has been designed to streamline the sales processes by managing client information, sales activity, and all deal flows. Saber más sobre Arternal
Fitness studio management software
PlumIQ is a complete business management software which enables gyms, fitness studios, & clubs to manage their members, classes, bookings, payments, revenue, & more online with a range of tools like calendar & class scheduling, automated payments, retention marketing, membership management, & more Saber más sobre PlumIQ
Workforce management for call centers
injixo is a cloud-based workforce management (WFM) suite for contact centers which supports scheduling, forecasting, intraday management & reporting features. injixo is mobile-ready, giving users the flexibility to manage their workforce anytime, anywhere via mobile or tablet devices Saber más sobre injixo
Cloud-based sales & marketing CRM system for SMEs
LeadsLive is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution which allows small & medium-sized businesses to manage their business contacts, digital marketing and sales processes from a single interface, with tools for SMS & email campaigns, activity tracking, lead management, and more Saber más sobre LeadsLive
Customer feedback collection & analysis platform for retail
Critizr is an all-in-one customer feedback & experience management platform which enables the collection, processing, and analysis of customer feedback. The solution supports data collection through multiple channels, real-time customer satisfaction analysis, performance measurement, and more. Saber más sobre Critizr
Appointment scheduling & patient referral tool
Doctolib is a cloud-based appointment scheduling & patient referral tool which helps doctors manage appointments, refer patients to colleagues & exchange information online, & more. Doctolib streamlines patient communication through automated appointment reminders & alerts for blood test results. Saber más sobre Doctolib
Customer loyalty and relationship marketing for brands
Loyalty Operator is a cloud-based loyalty management and relationship marketing platform which assists brands and retailers with customer engagement and communication with key features like activity tracking, rewards administration, consumer reviews and audience segmentation. Saber más sobre Loyalty Operator
AI-powered customer data management
Amperity is an intelligent CDP (customer data platform) that allows businesses to connect customer data from across multiple platforms, sources, and databases, into one single source of truth in order to aid with marketing and customer experience management, and to optimize conversions. Saber más sobre Amperity
Market research solution for businesses of all sizes
Collect is a cloud-based market research solution, which helps businesses of all sizes in non-profit and public administration sectors build survey forms to collect data using mobile applications. It enables users to gather valuable information through subjective and complex group questions. Saber más sobre Collect
Hospitality property management system with review analysis
RezExpert is a web-based reservation and property management solution for hotels and hostels of all sizes that comes with an online reservation system, reviewing monitoring platform, POS system, and a housekeeping module. The software is mobile friendly and is supported through any web browser. Saber más sobre RezExpert
End-to-end eDiscovery suite for organizations & firms
Discover360 is an end-to-end eDiscovery suite that empowers corporations, enterprises, & firms to manage their workflows for legal holds, preservation, collections, & compliance. The platform indexes data from multiple sources into a single repository to facilitate early case assessment and review. Saber más sobre Discover360
CRM solution for small to midsize firms
SpinOffice CRM is a customer relationship management solution designed to help small to midsize enterprises manage emails, business contacts, appointments, tasks, projects, folders, files & notes. The platform offers centralized access to customer data in order to collaborate with teams & clients. Saber más sobre SpinOffice CRM
Loyalty management and customer engagement for retailers
Loyalty Reward Stamp is a cloud-based loyalty management solution which assists local retailers & small shops with text message marketing and customer engagement. The platform offers a range of features including customer activity tracking, discount management, promotions and social media marketing. Saber más sobre Loyalty Reward Stamp
Customer experience management platform for businesses
NHANCE NOW CX PLATFORM is a cloud-based customer experience platform which assists businesses of all sizes with intelligence gathering and analytics. Key features include customer lifecycle management, feedback collection, marketing automation, chat, documentation, and automated reminders. Saber más sobre NHANCE NOW CX PLATFORM
Waitlist, booking, and queue management application
QTix (QueueTix) is a mobile-based application for restaurants, hospitals, retail stores, banks and theme parks to manage operations, waitlists, queues, and customer bookings. Managers can track live progress of customers waiting in the queue and inform them about their turns via push alerts or SMS. Saber más sobre QueueTix
Free Booking & scheduling solution for hair salons
SmartCoiffeur is a cloud-based hair salon solution designed to help small to medium businesses automate booking and appointment scheduling operations through an online portal & mobile apps. The centralized platform comes with a built-in calendar for users to manage idle times & assistance bookings. Saber más sobre SmartCoiffeur
Survey, data capture & ROI for events, meetings & trainings
okapi is a cloud-based turn-key survey, data collection, reporting & scheduling system for in-person meetings, trainings, activations, trade shows, workshops & other events. It allows businesses to collect data in real time, view in-app dashboards, organize teams & measure the ROI of activities. Saber más sobre okapi
ePos, stock control & multi-channel listing solution
Stok.ly is a cloud-based platform designed to help small to midsize retailers manage operations related to electronic point-of-sale, stock control and multi-channel listings. The platform enables users to update data across all eCommerce and other digital platforms in real time. Saber más sobre Stok.ly
Social media marketing solution
Continuon is a cloud-based social media marketing solution which helps small to midsize businesses analyze content, campaigns, and online communities. Continuon enables users to manage data-driven marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and return on investment (ROI). Saber más sobre Continuon
Customer feedback solution for midsize to large enterprises
TellUsFirst is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses in the travel, tourism, healthcare & retail sectors automate processes for collecting feedback from clients to increase customer loyalty & satisfaction. It provides customer experience data in real-time to aid with decision making. Saber más sobre TellUsFirst
Event and subscriber management solution for German markets
EventManager Online is a cloud-based event and subscriber management solution which enables small to large German businesses manage attendees, ticketing and payment, invitations, agenda speaker, permissions and more. The platform also allows users to track costs and outstanding tasks. Saber más sobre EventManager Online
Contact center solution for customer engagement
Omnis is a cloud-based contact center solution which assists businesses of all sizes with contact management and call monitoring. Its key features include campaign management, interactive voice response, queue management, real time monitoring and analytics. Saber más sobre Omnis
Una solución de registro online todo en uno para todo tipo de negocios.
Payscape Registration proporciona soluciones preconfiguradas y fáciles de usar para todas tus necesidades de registro y gestión de programas online. Desde informes personalizados hasta páginas de aterrizaje de marca con tu logotipo, esta plataforma basada en la nube permite a tu organización crear programas únicos y aceptar registros pagados. Saber más sobre Payscape Registration
Communication solution for call management & distribution
Fonvirtual Call Center is a cloud-based communication solution designed to assist users with managing calls & call distribution via various automated tools such as interactive voice response (IVR) & an automatic call distributor (ACD). Saber más sobre Fonvirtual Call Center
Web-based airline reservation system
AirMAX Flight Management System is a cloud-based solution designed to help scheduled and charter airlines automate processes for flight booking, reporting, training & more. It lets passengers accrue, redeem & share points to avail incentives, encouraging future bookings and customer loyalty. Saber más sobre AirMAX Flight Management System
Online booking engine for travel agencies
Cangooroo Booking Engine is a cloud-based reservation platform designed to help small to large travel agencies manage accommodation and tour prices on a unified platform. Key features include quotations, online merchandising, multi-channel product distribution, a white label interface, & reporting. Saber más sobre Cangooroo Booking Engine
Cloud-based mPOS
Sitoo is a cloud-based mobile point of sale system (mPOS) which enables retailers to sell their products and fulfil orders anywhere, anytime with real-time stock access, self-checkout, integrated payments, digital receipts, inventory management, campaign management, and more. Saber más sobre Sitoo
Integrated POS Solution for WooCommerce
Oliver POS is a cloud-based WooCommerce point of sale solution for small to medium retailers. Oliver POS features barcode scanning, integrated payments, and sales reporting. It enables users to track inventory, analyze financial data, and manage customer relationships. Saber más sobre Oliver POS
Sistema de minería de datos basado en la nube con integraciones con correo electrónico y CRM.
LoyalTfacts es una solución de minería de datos basada en la nube que ayuda a las empresas a registrar detalles de transacciones y obtener información sobre las preferencias, el historial de compras y el comportamiento de los clientes. La plataforma posibilita que los usuarios creen múltiples campañas de marketing y envíen comunicaciones... Saber más sobre LoyalTfacts
Business management suite with POS, CRM and accounting
AccelGrid is a cloud-based solution which helps manufacturing, retail, and distribution businesses automate processes for customer relationship management, procurement, inventory management, point of sale, accounting, project management, marketing automation, and more. Saber más sobre AccelGrid
Solución de POS para comercios minoristas y de hostelería.
Pomodo POS es una solución de punto de venta basada en la nube que ayuda a empresas de todos los tamaños del sector minorista y de hostelería a gestionar inventarios y pedidos. Sus principales funciones incluyen generación de presupuestos, gestión de proveedores, equipamiento, configuraciones personalizadas, acceso a datos remotos y creación de... Saber más sobre Pomodo POS
Plataforma de análisis de experiencia del producto
Gainsight PX es una plataforma de experiencia de productos basada en la nube que está diseñada para ayudar a las empresas de todos los tamaños a analizar la UX y desarrollar estrategias de adopción de productos para los clientes. Sus principales funciones incluyen recopilación de comentarios, segmentación del público, métricas de retención de... Saber más sobre Gainsight PX
Solución de procesamiento de pagos y comunicación
Everyware es una solución basada en la web que está diseñada para ayudar a las empresas y consumidores a gestionar los procesos relacionados con mensajes de texto bidireccionales, programación de citas, recordatorios de pagos y más para impulsar la participación del cliente y facilitar la comunicación. Saber más sobre Everyware
Solución de gestión de eventos
Event Manager, de Dude Solutions, es una solución de gestión de eventos basada en la nube que está diseñada para ayudar a las empresas a programar, organizar y promocionar sus eventos, todo en un solo lugar, con programación de eventos, además de solicitudes de eventos, registro, emisión de entradas, comercialización, facturación y más. Saber más sobre Event Manager
No-code application development
DronaHQ is a no-code app development platform designed to help users with building mobile and web business apps. It allows users to build custom business apps without coding in minutes thanks to dynamic data binding using excel formulas, a UI builder, rules engines, dynamic workflows, and sheets. Saber más sobre DronaHQ
Solución de gestión de eventos para organizaciones de todos los tamaños
Tixily es una solución de gestión de eventos basada en la nube que ha sido diseñada para ayudar a los organizadores de eventos con la venta de entradas, la programación, la planificación de exposiciones y más. La plataforma permite a los usuarios establecer fechas de caducidad para los precios y crear múltiples categorías para la gestión de... Saber más sobre Tixily
Programación de citas y gestión de pacientes para médicos
HealthEngine es una solución basada en la nube que ayuda a médicos y dentistas con programación de citas y gestión de pacientes. Sus principales funciones incluyen publicidad online, recordatorios, gestión de recepción y recopilación de comentarios. Saber más sobre HealthEngine
Solución de gestión de relaciones con los clientes para pymes
FIREBusinessPlatform es una solución de gestión empresarial que ayuda a las pequeñas y medianas empresas a gestionar sus servicios de asistencia al cliente, automatización de marketing, colaboración y más. Permite a las organizaciones interactuar con sus clientes potenciales y actuales para mejorar las ventas y la satisfacción del cliente. Saber más sobre FIREBusinessPlatform
Plataforma de sugerencias para la implicación del empleado
DirectSuggest es una plataforma de sugerencias basada en la nube que ha sido diseñada para organizaciones de todos los tamaños y que ayuda a las partes interesadas a conectarse con los empleados y recopilar sugerencias. Sus principales funciones incluyen colaboración de equipo, clasificación de ideas, importación de datos, reconocimiento de... Saber más sobre DirectSuggest
Solución de centro de contacto y servicio de atención al cliente en la nube
CommBox es una solución de centro de contacto basada en la nube que ayuda a las empresas a agilizar la comunicación con los clientes a través de múltiples canales. La plataforma viene con una bandeja de entrada centralizada que permite a los usuarios recibir consultas de los clientes y asignar automáticamente agentes de servicio a los... Saber más sobre CommBox
Solución de atención al cliente y seguimiento de pedidos para empresas
Verascape es una solución basada en la nube que permite a los equipos de experiencia del cliente proporcionar una experiencia de autoservicio a los clientes para la resolución de problemas. Las empresas pueden proporcionar información de autoservicio como administración de beneficios, inventario, programas de fidelización, catálogo de productos y... Saber más sobre Verascape
Solución de gestión de eventos para Salesforce
EventSpark es una solución de gestión de eventos que ayuda a los usuarios a gestionar los procesos relacionados con registros, promociones, invitaciones y más. Basada en la plataforma Salesforce, su asistente de comunicación permite a los gerentes programar correos electrónicos para enviar actualizaciones de estado, detalles de eventos y... Saber más sobre EventSpark
Solución de gestión de eventos con preguntas y respuestas
CrowdQuestion es una solución de gestión de preguntas y respuestas diseñada para ayudar a facilitar la participación de los asistentes a eventos. Los gerentes pueden usar la plataforma de gestión de eventos para crear canales de transmisión de información, recursos y enlaces que permitan a los asistentes conectarse con los anfitriones y hacer... Saber más sobre CrowdQuestion
Solución basada en la nube para administrar membresías de clientes.
Assocyate es una solución de gestión de asociaciones basada en la nube que ayuda a las empresas a gestionar las membresías de sus clientes y agilizar la colaboración entre los miembros del equipo. Permite a los usuarios crear planes de suscripción, supervisar transacciones, generar facturas y calcular impuestos. Saber más sobre Assocyate
Solución de punto de venta para gestionar pagos, ventas y pedidos
KwickPOS es una solución de punto de venta (POS) diseñada para ayudar a restaurantes, salones de belleza, comercios minoristas y otras empresas a gestionar sus operaciones en múltiples ubicaciones. La plataforma incluye un panel centralizado que permite a los gerentes gestionar pagos, pedidos online, ventas, administración, inventario y más. Saber más sobre KwickPOS
Online survey creation, distribution, and analysis
Drag’n Survey is a cloud-based survey creation tool that allows businesses to create, distribute, and analyze online surveys in order to gather feedback from customers, employees, and other participants. It can be used for market research, sentiment analysis, training, and more. Saber más sobre Drag'n Survey
Plataforma de participación del cliente para empresas
Peepi es una solución de participación del cliente basada en la nube. Está diseñada para ayudar a las empresas de todos los tamaños a identificar e interactuar con posibles clientes con el fin de aumentar la promoción de la marca. Entre las principales funciones, se incluyen ludificación, personalización de la marca, programas de recompensas,... Saber más sobre Peepi
Paquete de interacción con el cliente
Proxi.vip es una plataforma de interacción por proximidad basada en la nube. Está diseñada para ayudar a las empresas de los sectores de comercio minorista, entretenimiento, hostelería y corporativos a facilitar la comunicación con los clientes. Permite que los usuarios proporcionen experiencias personalizadas a los clientes, huéspedes o... Saber más sobre Proxi.vip
Solución de CRM para automatizar las ventas, el marketing y los servicios
Central Hub CRM es una solución de CRM que ayuda a las empresas a automatizar los procesos relacionados con las ventas, el marketing y los servicios. La plataforma incluye una funcionalidad de programación de citas que permite a las empresas captar clientes potenciales desde sitios web, foros y plataformas de redes sociales. Saber más sobre Centra Hub CRM
Seguimiento de la satisfacción, la participación y el éxito del cliente
Strikedeck es una plataforma de compromiso y éxito del cliente. Incluye herramientas de planificación del éxito del cliente, automatización del flujo de trabajo y puntuación de la salud del cliente en tiempo real. Entre otras características, se incluyen recetas de flujo de trabajo predefinidas o personalizadas, manuales, gestión de tareas,... Saber más sobre Strikedeck
Billing and payment processing solution for organizations
Value Payment Systems is a cloud-based payment management solution, which helps businesses process electronic payments through various modes including website, mobile, POS, and voice. Key features include transaction tracking, mobile-optimized payment gateways, online tax payment, and reporting. Saber más sobre Value Payment Systems
Human resources, payroll, and finance management
AFAS Software is a suite of tools that automates processes for human resources, payroll, & finance management, providing personalized access to the platform for both employees & managers. AFAS features include automated invoice reconciliation, leave and absence registration, payroll analysis & more. Saber más sobre AFAS Software
Business management solution for fitness & wellness centers
Wellyx is a business management solution designed to help fitness and wellness centers manage staff schedules, memberships, payments, and more. It comes with a point of sale (POS) system which allows users to create custom tips, discounts, or taxes and maintain customer profiles to track trends. Saber más sobre Wellyx
Omnichannel marketing system with customer loyalty programs
Omnichannel marketing solution that reaches audiences through customer loyalty programs and data management to gain a 360 degree view on customer profiles with 5 modules including data management, audience builder, omnichannel orchestration, customer retention, and customer intelligence. Saber más sobre Scal-e
CRO using Social Proof and FOMO notifications
Nudgify is a web app that allows website owners to encourage visitors into completing their transaction using suggestions and pre-built templates showing recent page views, conversions, reviews, set deadlines, and live stock data, helping to reduce bounce rates and increase completed sales. Saber más sobre Nudgify
Contact Center Solutions for Improving Team Performance
AVOXI Genius is a cloud-based contact center solution that helps enterprises streamline customer service processes. With its interactive voice response (IVR) module, managers can configure the user interface and automatically route incoming calls to specific agents. Saber más sobre AVOXI Genius
Events management solution
ProgramBook is an event management solution, which helps scientific organizations, professional societies & trade associations manage scheduling, contacts, meetings & more. It enables users to create personalized itineraries by day, topic, or presenter using the mobile application. Saber más sobre ProgramBook
The data catalog for data-driven companies
Zeenea Data Catalog is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses automate metadata curation from multiple sources in order to make the data understandable and discoverable. Key features include team collaboration, automation, data fingerprinting, mapping, and data democratization. Saber más sobre Zeenea Data Catalog
Mobile event application creation for managing conferences
Conf.app is an event application generator designed to help conference planners & attendees manage event content, scheduling & notifications. It lets event organizers create applications with details such as the event date, name, logo, theme, colors & more, in order to improve attendee engagement. Saber más sobre Conf.app
Self-service kiosks, POS, and online food ordering
TRAY is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) platform for amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and restaurants. Features include self-order kiosks, online ordering, mobile app ordering, third-party delivery integration, electronic waivers, party booking, and handheld device ordering systems. Saber más sobre TRAY
Customer relationship management solution
Silvertool CRM, designed for the French market, helps businesses create, implement, and launch personalized customer relationship management (CRM) applications. The customizable dashboard allows organizations to track goals, create favorite lists and plan daily, weekly, or monthly agendas. Saber más sobre Silvertool CRM
Dutch point of sale (POS) solution for retail stores
Afosto is a Dutch point of sale (POS) solution designed to help retail stores manage both online and offline sales using cash registers and eCommerce webshops. It lets users manage stocks across multiple warehouses & update product inventory across all sales channels through a centralized database. Saber más sobre Afosto
Web-based point of sale (POS) system
Imonggo is a web-based POS (point of sale) platform that enables SMBs to manage their store inventory, transactions, and sales reports. Features include supplier management, sales data reporting, customer purchase history, stockroom management, offline functionality, and more. Saber más sobre Imonggo
Online point of sale (POS) for Dutch retailers and caterers
Cashr is an online point of sale (POS) solution for the Dutch catering industry, retailers, salons, nail studios, and more. The system includes customizable screens, inventory tracking, digital receipts, integration with customer loyalty and accounting systems, and eCommerce support. Saber más sobre Cashr
Customizable event management application
Verris is a customizable event management application for iOS and Android devices, which helps enterprises manage registrations, communication, advertising & more. The content management module allows users to design personalized event pages & share information using text, images & location details. Saber más sobre Verris
Campaign planning and lead acquisition solution
SPREAD is a cloud-based social media marketing solution designed to help businesses create loyalty programs and acquire customers across multiple channels. Key features include reward programs, discount code distribution, campaign scheduling, analytics, ROI tracking, and audience segmentation. Saber más sobre SPREAD
Financial CRM platform with AI insights
Squirro is a cloud-based and on-premise platform that helps businesses gain insight into market trends using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. With its machine learning capabilities, the platform can generate data-driven recommendations for marketing content. Saber más sobre Squirro
Employee engagement, retention & satisfaction solution
People Element is a survey and coaching platform for managing employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction throughout the employee lifecycle. The platform enables managers to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback using real-time data-driven insights for change and goal management. Saber más sobre People Element
Point of sale solution for retail stores and businesses
IVEPOS is a POS (point of sale) solution for restaurants, retail stores, bars, pharmacies, salons & other businesses. It offers tools for managing invoices, products, payments, inventory, accounting & more. The centralized dashboard lets users view sales summaries, average sales, bills, and taxes. Saber más sobre IVEPOS
Point of Sale solution for all devices
Count-IT is a point of sale (POS) solution aimed at Dutch retailers. It covers the main business management areas including cash flow, billing, and trade, with the possibility for extension with add-ons. Saber más sobre Count-IT
Communication management solution
Servetel is a communication management solution designed to help businesses connect and communicate with customers via calls and custom messages. The platform comes with a call management module, which lets organizations transfer calls to executives based on rosters, availability and shift timings. Saber más sobre Servetel