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Workshop Butler es un software de gestión de formación para proveedores de formación. Workshop Butler es ideal para formadores independientes y pequeñas empresas de formación en entornos ágiles y de TI. Saber más sobre Workshop Butler
Event Logic is a cloud-based event management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes source, plan, and send invitations for meetings, events and conferences to internal and external stakeholders. Saber más sobre Event Logic
ExpoGenie is a simple, modern and affordable event management platform that saves event planners time and enhances your partner experience. Saber más sobre ExpoGenie
A complete, unified business management suite for the event industry built on NetSuite. Saber más sobre ConventionSuite
Group Productivity Solution is a cloud-based software that helps businesses manage and streamline lodging operations for events. Supervisors can handle the entire hotel booking lifecycle, from event planning and RFP submissions to payment processing, on a centralized platform. Saber más sobre Group Productivity Solution
VirtuaVent promises to be affordable, flexible and secure so you can focus on your event! We are 100% self-service with free email support, public pricing and no hidden fees. Saber más sobre VirtuaVent
B3App provides all-supports applications designed to help companies organize, launch and manage any kind of event (virtual, hybrid, or in-person events). Saber más sobre B3App
Watchity es la única plataforma de transmisión en vivo que incluye un estudio en vivo fácil de usar y todas las características que una marca necesita para crear experiencias en vivo excelentes que cautiven a la audiencia, la mantenga comprometida y genere resultados para el negocio. Saber más sobre Watchity
Jomablue is a cloud-based event management software designed to help businesses of all sizes schedule, host, and manage virtual, hybrid, and in-person events via a unified portal. The application allows organizations to build virtual spaces with an interactive interface to display marketing content, invite attendees, engage with the target... Saber más sobre Jomablue
Prezevent es un software de gestión de eventos que permite a los usuarios editar y personalizar listas de contactos, campañas por correo electrónico, sitios web de eventos, formularios de registro e insignias de conferencias; todo desde una ubicación centralizada. Está diseñado para satisfacer las necesidades de organización de diferentes tipos de... Saber más sobre Prezevent
JRNI is an enterprise appointment scheduling platform designed to create personalized experiences for customers. It enables businesses to increase revenue, profitability, and efficiency while managing remote and in-person experiences. The platform can be used by global enterprises in various industries, including banking and financial services,... Saber más sobre JRNI
LetShare is an event management solution that allows businesses to manage meeting rooms and reservations online. Saber más sobre LetShare
Meestory helps businesses build a strong workplace community through frequent free-time gatherings. The event management tool allows managers to send follow-up notifications to customers and gain insights into activity trends, event statistics, and platform usage on a unified interface. Saber más sobre Meestory
This end-to-end platform is an efficient solution for creating and managing hybrid events. eventplus supports on-demand event and ticket creation console, ticket sales analytics, event promotion, and more during pre-event. Saber más sobre eventplus
BrightTALK Virtual Events is a webinar and online events platform. It enables marketers to create and target B2B campaigns at specific regions or professions, such as sales, HR, healthcare, and legal. It features user registrations, CRM and marketing tool integrations, and auto-recorded events. Saber más sobre BrightTALK Virtual Events
EventsRoad is one of the top 10 virtual and hybrid event management platforms. It enables companies to create, manage and produce tailor-made virtual and hybrid events. Saber más sobre EventsRoad
Evey is an event management platform that helps businesses handle online registration, videoconferences, multiple live streamings and data analytics. Teams can display recorded video content on the platform during events and broadcast panels, workshops, training or stands in real-time. Saber más sobre Evey
Happenee is a virtual & hybrid event platform focused on lead generation and B2B networking with awesome 3D environment and production services. Saber más sobre Happenee
AirLST is a software for guest management and virtual events. It is entirely customizable and includes an open API. Saber más sobre AirLST
Braindate is a web-based platform that fosters knowledge-sharing conversations among people at events, communities, and organizations. Saber más sobre Braindate
Virtual and hybrid events platform with an innovative approach, so-called scenarios at its core to get maximum participants engagement and ROI. Saber más sobre Beams
Mascaron is a CRM intended for the cultural field. It consists of a structured database where contacts are stored. Program features help to facilitate data entry, while an active duplicate management function helps to avoid errors. Saber más sobre Mascaron
Orfeo is a range of tools intended for trades related to performing arts. The organization of routes is at the heart of this software which facilitates the design of schedules and the editing of route maps. Everything is designed to optimize the work of the teams involved. Saber más sobre Orfeo
vystem is an all-in-one platform for digital, hybrid or in-person events. Users can design their events with their own CI. Saber más sobre vystem
Audience Republic is a SaaS platform designed to help event organizers sell more tickets by maximizing word-of-mouth promotion, building audiences & unlocking customer insights. Saber más sobre Audience Republic
Exeevo Omnipresence is one multichannel CRM solution created specifically for the life sciences industry. Its use cases include Marketing, Commercial, Field CRM, Medical Affairs CRM, Event management, Content Management, Expert and Patient Engagement. Saber más sobre Exeevo Omnipresence
Promote your event, grow your audience and increase your conversions with Eventify. Our all-in-one event management platform automatically handles registration, ticketing, attendee check-in, and much more. Saber más sobre Eventify
Expo Logic is a collection of onsite event technology products that help event administrators and planners organize the basic logistics of their event. We offer products for online registration, onsite event check-in, attendee tracking and expo management. Saber más sobre Expo Logic
Choose from our exclusive cards and invitations to customize with your own company branding, or upload your own design and simply benefit from our fully-integrated event management, tracking, and ticketing functionalities: the choice is yours, and Greenvelope is here to make it effortless. Saber más sobre Greenvelope
Vanco is a free online ticket system that allows you to create and promote your event online. With Vanco Events, you can quickly and easily create your event pages in minutes. Saber más sobre Vanco Events
Virtual Events is a cloud-based, all-in-one event platform that provides everything you need to host and manage an effective virtual or hybrid event in minutes. Saber más sobre Virtual Events
Thanks to our matchmaking technology and by making it easier to book appointments at your networking events, the B2B/2GO platform allows your participants to get the most out of your B2B networking events. Saber más sobre B2B/2GO
Tixr is the leading ticketing commerce company for large event businesses, applying powerful cutting-edge technology to create the best purchase experiences for fans with the highest conversions in the industry. Built-in optimizers extend reach and grow incremental revenue for clients. Saber más sobre Tixr
PM II RENT is a software tool that assists rental companies with inventory management, contact storage, order handling, and more. Saber más sobre PM II RENT
PM II BASIC is a hybrid enterprise resource planning software that includes management of orders, contacts, projects, documents & more. Saber más sobre PM II Basic
Matchmaking is a cloud-based matchmaking software for events. It helps event attendees achieve their goals of who to meet by finding connections before the actual event. Saber más sobre Matchmaking
Gazebo is an online platform that helps you organize and manage your events, rentals and education programs. Saber más sobre Gazebo
EventHub is a web application that helps organizers plan and manage events, making it easy for all participants to find important information about an event. Saber más sobre EventHub
VenuePro is an innovative and highly flexible global technology platform that simplifies the management and operation of venues and events, in turn delivering world class experiences for visitors. Saber más sobre VenuePro
Create custom badges, print badges instantly and track attendance effortlessly on Zoni Dashboard. Saber más sobre Zoni

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