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Sistema de gestión de citas con recordatorios automáticos de texto
Programador de citas gratuito con reserva en línea y SMS y correos electrónicos automatizados Descubre más sobre 10to8
Software de gestión empresarial de salud y bienestar
MINDBODY ofrece software de gestión empresarial para spas, salones, gimnasios, profesionales del bienestar y otras empresas que se basan en clases y citas. Descubre más sobre MINDBODY
Practice Management Made Simple
Practice Management Software with HIPAA-compliant EHR, mobile Telehealth, autopay and more for therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, speech-language pathologists, dietitians, nutritionists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other health & wellness professionals Descubre más sobre SimplePractice
EHR & practice management for therapy clinicians & providers
AdvancedMD for Therapy is a flexible & customizable, web-based EHR & practice management tool for mental, behavioral, & physical therapy clinicians & providers Descubre más sobre AdvancedMD for Therapy
Solución basada en la nube para la gestión de consultorios médicos
Kareo ayuda a los proveedores médicos a optimizar los procesos clínicos mediante el manejo de tareas administrativas para que los médicos puedan concentrarse en atender a los pacientes. Descubre más sobre Kareo
Medical billing, scheduling and electronic health record (EHR) software. Your complete practice management solution.
NueMD helps medical practices streamline their administrative operations, plain and simple. Spend more time with your patients and less time on paperwork. With an ever expanding range of features, NueMD keeps you efficient, profitable, and compliant. With support for multiple locations, providers and resources, you have the flexibility you need... Descubre más sobre NueMD
Cloud based EHR
Cloud-based EHR with fully customizable medical templates and easy billing software with industry leading iPhone and iPad apps. Descubre más sobre DrChrono
The top-rated rehab therapy practice software
WebPT is a web-based physical therapy EMR and documentation software. that help to run therapy clinics more effectively and efficiently. WebPT is intuitive and easy, allowing for a painless transition from paper to the digital office. Descubre más sobre WebPT
Practice management & EHR for mental health providers
My Clients Plus is a practice management and EHR solution for mental health providers and practices with therapy notes, electronic billing, and more Descubre más sobre My Clients Plus
Online scheduling that connects your business to the web
Genbook Online Scheduling Software has everything you need to enable online appointment, promote your reputation, manage your staff, and customers, accept payments, and much more with local support and out-of-the-box Google and Instagram integrations. Descubre más sobre Genbook
EMR and practice management solution
Web-based EMR and practice management software for outpatient rehabilitation practices and physical therapy clinics of all sizes within North America Descubre más sobre InsightEMR
Practice management software for health professionals
Power Diary is a practice management software designed to help health professionals streamline their health clinic operations with calendar management tools, plus appointment reminders (SMS & email), treatment note templates, client invoicing, online bookings, 2-way SMS chat, and more. Descubre más sobre Power Diary
Programador inteligente de citas en línea
BookSteam es una aplicación de programación de citas en línea, integral, fácil de usar, robusta y flexible que está basada en la nube. Con BookSteam, tus clientes pueden programar (y administrar) citas, servicios, clases y talleres en línea, en cualquier momento, de día o de noche. Descubre más sobre BookSteam
Practice management for rehab therapy & behavioral health
TheraBill is a web-based practice management platform for mental and behavioral health specialists & speech therapists, offering scheduling, invoicing, and more Descubre más sobre TheraBill
Physical therapy EMR (electronic medical records) system
Systems 4PT is an electronic medical records (EMR) solution for physical therapists within the outpatient rehab industry. The cloud-based solution offers tools for managing billing, collections, schedules, appointments, progress tracking, documentation, and business performance. Descubre más sobre Systems 4PT
All-in-one EHR and medical practice management
iSALUS is an EHR and practice management software that caters to all medical specialties and provides integrated solutions for medical billing and scheduling Descubre más sobre iSALUS
Cloud-based therapy EMR and practice management software
ClinicSource is a cloud-based EMR and therapy software solution that integrates all therapy scheduling, billing, documentation, SOAP notes & more, saving time. Descubre más sobre ClinicSourceⓇ
Measure Outcomes. Manage Quality. Market Strengths
FOTO captures benchmarked, risk-adjusted comparisons to improve patient care and facilitate clinician growth. Patient-reported outcomes compare effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. NQF endorsed. MIPS registry. Descubre más sobre FOTO
Affordable online physical therapy practice management.
PT Built PT Focused - A software designed by PT’s for specific PT professional needs, customizable to the way you work. This integrated system requires no paper, no server, no maintenance and reduces charge backs, saving you money. Includes credit card processing & fully customizable note taking. Descubre más sobre Apollo Practice Management
Practice management for physical therapists
HENO is an all-in-one cloud-based practice management solution with integrated EMR, scheduling, billing, sales, reporting, and marketing tools. It is intended for use by occupational, massage, physical, and speech therapists and aids users in streamlining daily practice operations. Descubre más sobre HENO
EMR & practice management solution for clinics
TheraOffice is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management solution designed to help medium to large medical institutions manage compliance, regulation, documentation, accounting, scheduling, and patient engagement. Descubre más sobre TheraOffice
Remote training, coaching & rehab app to build revenue/brand
GoMotive enables health & fitness services to virtualize their services using their own proprietary content including tools for analysis, intake & treatments Descubre más sobre GoMotive
Rehab practice tool for PT's, OT,'s & speech therapists
WellSky Rehabilitation is a customizable rehab practice management and EMR solution for rehabilitation providers including PT, OT, pediatric, and speech therapists Descubre más sobre WellSky Rehabilitation
Billing management solution for medical clinics
Mercury One helps small clinics and medical practitioners manage processes related to billing, payments, compliance, and more. The platform comes with a demographic data capture functionality, which enables organizations to collect patient information such as age, gender and income. Descubre más sobre Mercury One
Servicio de facturación y gestión de consultorios de terapia física
bestPT permite que las clínicas de terapia física optimicen las actividades de práctica, mejoren el rendimiento de facturación y aceleren la documentación de la visita. Descubre más sobre bestPT
Software y servicio de gestión de prácticas basadas en la web
Planetrehab es un software de gestión de la práctica basado en la web diseñado específicamente para fisioterapeutas, terapeutas ocupacionales y logopedas. Descubre más sobre Planetrehab
Web-based revenue cycle management solution
Medica is a cloud-based medical billing and revenue management solution suitable for individual physicians and small clinics for medical recording Descubre más sobre Medica Billing
HIPAA Compliance, Made Easy.
Accountable helps businesses easily manage HIPAA compliance from employee training, business associate agreements, risk assessment, and policies & procedures. Descubre más sobre Accountable
EMR software for pediatric OT, PT, & SLP
Fusion is an EMR for pediatric OT, PT, & SLP with features for scheduling, pediatric-specific documentation, billing, insights, tasks, compliance, & more Descubre más sobre Fusion
Outpatient therapy solution with practice management system
Optima Therapy for Outpatient is a therapy management solution designed for practices of all sizes which offers features including patient analytics, automated billing, and a practice management system. The dashboard combines patient records with financial records to create accurate documentation. Descubre más sobre Optima Therapy for Outpatient
All-in-one physical therapy solution
MWTherapy is an all-in-one EMR (electronic medical record) and scheduling solution for physical therapists, which includes tools for scheduling appointments, tracking patient notes, billing, creating home exercise programs, tracking patient progress and outcomes, and facilitating communication Descubre más sobre MWTherapy
Appointment scheduling & patient referral tool
Doctolib is a cloud-based appointment scheduling & patient referral tool which helps doctors manage appointments, refer patients to colleagues & exchange information online, & more. Doctolib streamlines patient communication through automated appointment reminders & alerts for blood test results. Descubre más sobre Doctolib