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Identity verification solution for safe online transactions
Token of Trust is a cloud-based anti-money laundering solution designed to help online merchants authenticate data and validate the identity of individuals. It collects information from multiple sources in a unified database, letting users associate behavior with real & identifiable people. Saber más sobre Token of Trust
GRC solution designed for multi-subsidiary organizations
The software solution establishes an automated workflow that reduces the time and cost of GRC efforts and eliminates manual labor, maintenance of multiple excel spreadsheets, etc. ProcessGene™'s GRC solution is designed for multi-subsidiary organizations, based on our Multi-Org technology. Saber más sobre ProcessGene GRC
Sistema automatizado de recolección de documentos basado en la nube para clientes
FileInvite es una solución basada en la nube para automatizar el proceso de recopilación de información y documentos de clientes comerciales con más eficiencia y seguridad. Saber más sobre FileInvite
Solución de verificación contra el lavado de dinero
SmartSearch es una solución de lucha contra el lavado de dinero (AML) basada en la nube. Está diseñada para ayudar a las empresas de sectores tales como el jurídico, de seguros y de contabilidad a mantener el cumplimiento normativo y garantizar la protección financiera. Entre las principales funciones, se incluyen supervisión de clientes, alertas... Saber más sobre SmartSearch
Financial Services Anti-Money Laundering
Provides an enterprise platform enabling efficient detection, investigation, and reporting of suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activity. Oracle Financial Services Anti Money Laundering, the award-winning “gold standard” in AML solutions, provides automated, comprehensive, and consistent surveillance of all accounts, customers,... Saber más sobre Oracle Financial Services Anti-Money Laundering
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Software
Actimize's AML solution suite enables integrated AML lifecycle management while delivering insight across the customer lifecycle to ensure smart and cost-effective AML operations for a positive, holistic customer experience. Saber más sobre Actimize AML
Solución de cumplimiento contra el lavado de dinero (AML)
MemberCheck es un servicio diseñado específicamente para que las industrias financieras no bancarias permitan a las entidades informantes cumplir con la legislación contra el lavado de dinero y el financiamiento del terrorismo de manera eficiente y rentable. Utiliza la lista global más detallada y precisa, disponible hoy en día, de Personas... Saber más sobre MemberCheck
Money laundering and terrorism financing prevention
AMLcheck from RiskMS is a money laundering and terrorism financing prevention software for organizations to protect themselves from money laundering activities Saber más sobre AMLcheck
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Software
WYNYARD’S ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING SOLUTION for banking and wealth management is a highly secure, specialist software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premise solution that combines unmatched ease of compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) rules, integrated with industry leading watchlists, at low total cost of... Saber más sobre Wynyard AML
PAYG AML/CTF compliance, instant PEP & sanctions screening
PAYG scans for anti money laundering, counter terrorism financing, politically exposed persons, relatives and close associates, sanctions and more Saber más sobre NameScan
Electronic Identity Verification Solution
Global Data Company uniquely specializes in ID and age verification, providing businesses with reliable data sources in more than 30 countries. Global Gateway pulls information from multiple data sources spread throughout the 3 billion records that GDC has access to through government and credit data, among others. While some verification... Saber más sobre GDC Global Gateway
Transaction Monitoring & Anti-Money Laundering Software and Solutions
Meet today’s complex regulatory and payment challenges with EastNets flexible, configurable, and globally recognized anti-money laundering software used today by over 600 financial institutions and corporates worldwide. Saber más sobre EastNets
BSA Compliance & Fraud Prevention
Banker's Toolbox has assisted many organizations in removing an MOU or C&D as a result of enhanced AML monitoring after implementing our solutions. BAM+ was originally written as a program to get an institution out of a C&D situation. It was so successful that we started selling it as our flagship product. Saber más sobre Banker's Toolbox BAM+
IT-based Anti-Money Laundering Software
TONBELLER provides banks with a solution to efficiently counter money-laundering risks and events at all times and stages. Money-laundering risks are identified, classified, assigned to measures, and implemented for the check. Specific modules perform initial and continual risk classification of new and existing customers and provide due diligence... Saber más sobre Tonbeller
Comprehensive Fraud Prevention, Identity Verification and Authentication
EVS knows that identity fraud prevention measures are most effective when fully integrated with the interactions that occur between a business and their customers. The identity verification solutions offered by EVS provide the flexibility, simplicity, and value required to empower businesses to realize this level of integration. Saber más sobre IdentiFlo
Identity verification and AML checks for businesses
Australia Post Digital iD is an identity verification platform that helps businesses meet their Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Know Your Customer (KYC) & Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) compliance obligations. Digital iD helps businesses increase conversion rates & seamlessly verify customers. Saber más sobre Digital iD
Financial fraud detection solution
TruNarrative is a cloud-based fraud detection solution designed to help businesses in banking, finance, and eCommerce industries maintain compliance during transactions. Key features include identity verification, risk assessment, account monitoring, eKYC, audit trails, and case management. Saber más sobre TruNarrative