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Software que engloba diversos módulos para la gestión de grandes compañías. Cada uno de ellos está enfocado en un aspecto concreto, y esta estructura modular permite a cada empresa personalizar su paquete de software, integrando las herramientas más adecuadas a sus necesidades. Saber más sobre Suite Visión Empresarial
PracticePro 365 is a unitized cloud practice management software with nine core features that run your firm, an all-in-one platform topped off with real-time visual dashboards. Saber más sobre PracticePro 365
Exply seeks to give an insight into the existing data with the help of interactive dashboards. It allows teams to visualize and analyze data from multiple sources in one place. Exply is designed with a very user-friendly interface for the personalization and configuration of reports. Drag-and-drop menus and single-click filters enable managers to... Saber más sobre Exply
Metasphere's Executive Dashboard platform assists hotels with tracking performance and improving operations. The customizable dashboard integrates multiple data points from several properties into an easy-to-read data display. Saber más sobre Executive Dashboard
Repozix is a collaborative digital marketing & social media reporting platform. It allows users to create insightful and rich reports using a powerful no-code report editor. Customizations and white-labeling features are available on a report and widget level. Saber más sobre Repozix
Dashiverse enables users to connect projects and collect more data. Track all of your campaigns and online performance with Dashiverse customized dashboards, crafted to provide definitive analytics and in-depth insight from every angle. Saber más sobre Dashiverse
The app allows companies to schedule deliveries for oil and gas wells. Additionally, the app lets users manage lab data, streamlining the companies decision-making process. Saber más sobre Atlas
Industry agnostic solution, a plug & play digital transformation experience. One product, multiple solutions. The industrial IoT platform that drives operational performance. Saber más sobre MonitorApp
Somnoware’s platform automates the diagnosis and management of patients with chronic respiratory diseases. Diagnose and manage patients the way you want. Use any major testing device, unify respiratory data in one platform, automate patient engagement, customize dashboards, and improve patient outcomes. Saber más sobre Somnoware
Ubidots is a low-code IoT development platform that provides the essentials to bring you faster to market with an entire, production-ready IoT application without hiring an expensive team of engineers to develop and maintain a customized solution. Saber más sobre Ubidots

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