A continuación te presentamos nuestra lista de aplicaciones para Herramientas de seguimiento de problemas. Los filtros te ayudarán a acotar los resultados para que encuentres exactamente lo que estás buscando.

157 opciones de software

Increase productivity and save time by planning repetitive tasks in Jira. Design templates to speed up the creation process. You have full control over when a given issue is created: once on a specific day, in intervals, or maybe only when you click "Run". Saber más sobre Scheduled Templates
Clean, easy to use App that will prompt the user through the steps to submit a report in minutes. Saber más sobre Anvil Tech
Civita App is a community engagement platform for local governments, civic institutions, and associated organizations. Key features include municipal service issue reporting, facility information, business listings, local news, social media feeds, event calendars, and bill payments. Saber más sobre Civita App
Ticket Management Keep track of your tasks and those of your teams. Ticket Quickly and easily capture information about your customer requests. Knowledgebase Access shared knowledge Saber más sobre Tesseron ASM
Punchlist is a collaboration layer over the web that allows clients, team members or managers to point, click and comment on digital files. The platform unifies the feedback loop on digital projects and integrates with the existing tech stack and workflows. Saber más sobre Punchlist
HEINZELMANN is an issue tracking software designed to help businesses track computer hardware and software inventories, licenses, and orders. Administrators can capture, maintain, and administer critical information about assets such as health status in real-time. Saber más sobre HEINZELMANN
Lightstep is an application performance monitoring and incident management platform that helps businesses detect and resolve application performance issues, improve product's reliability, and accelerate time to resolution. Saber más sobre Lightstep

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