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Security orchestration, automation and response platform
IncMan SOAR is a cloud-based and on-premise platform, which enables enterprises to manage, evaluate, and plan various security operation tasks such as threat hunting and investigation, triage and escalation, incident qualification, and more using machine learning and automation capabilities. Saber más sobre IncMan SOAR
Solución de seguridad de red para empresas.
Perimeter 81 es una solución de seguridad de red basada en la nube, que ayuda a pequeñas y grandes organizaciones a implementar pasarelas compartidas específicas. Las características clave incluyen cifrado del tráfico, detección de amenazas, gestión de usuarios y túnel dividido. Saber más sobre Perimeter 81
SIEM platform with user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)
FortiSIEM is a security Information and event management (SIEM) platform with user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), which helps businesses prevent breaches, identify anomalies, aggregate security events, detect threats, and more through automated response and remediation. Supervisors can configure dashboards in real-time and track key... Saber más sobre FortiSIEM
Cybersecurity and SOAR software
D3 SOAR is a cybersecurity software that is designed for businesses in several industry segments, such as healthcare, manufacturing, energy, utilities, finance, media, and the public sector. It helps organizations manage cases, respond to incidents, build workflows, and more on a centralized platform. Saber más sobre D3 SOAR
Solución de gestión de seguridad de TI para organizaciones.
STORM es un sistema de gestión de seguridad de TI basado en la nube. Está diseñado para ayudar a los equipos de seguridad cibernética dentro de las organizaciones a realizar un seguimiento y gestionar los problemas de la red. Entre las principales funciones, se incluyen automatización del flujo de trabajo, autenticación de mensajes, firmas... Saber más sobre STORM
Endpoint detection and response software
S.O.A.R is a cybersecurity and security information and event management (SIEM) software designed to help businesses protect cloud, physical, virtual, and container environments. Administrators can utilize cross-generational protection techniques to identify and protect systems against vulnerabilities. Saber más sobre S.O.A.R
Independent SOAR platform for security teams and engineers
Siemplify is an independent SOAR platform designed to help security teams manage case creation, investigation, remediation, and response processes to drive continuous improvement. It lets engineers automate repetitive processes related to the prevention, detection, and remediation of cyber threats using machine learning technology. Saber más sobre Siemplify
SOAR tool for cloud security and vulnerability management
Intezer Protect is a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) software that provides businesses with tools to identify potential threats across public/private cloud environments. Supervisors can use the dashboard to gain an overview of asset performance or identified vulnerabilities via actionable analytics. Saber más sobre Intezer Protect
Email security and threat detection software
Harmony Email & Office is an email security platform that provides businesses using Office 365 and G Suite with tools to identify and prevent potential malware attacks. Supervisors can define custom policies and automatically block unauthorized logins through patent-pending technology. Saber más sobre Harmony Email & Office
Cloud-based cybersecurity and SOAR software
ThreatConnect is a cybersecurity software designed to help businesses identify and prevent potential threats using security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities. Supervisors can use the dashboard to perform risk assessments, identify threats via actionable analytics, and generate operational reports. Saber más sobre ThreatConnect
Security orchestration, automation, and response platform
Swimlane is a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform designed to help businesses in banking, healthcare, insurance, energy, retail, and other industries manage alerts and automate incident response processes by collecting security data from various sources. The platform exposes false positives and lets supervisors map... Saber más sobre Swimlane
Web-based phishing emergency platform
PhishER is a web-based Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform designed to help security teams automate the prioritization of emails and respond to various threats. It groups and categorizes emails based on rules, tags and actions, allowing users to process user-reported suspicious and phishing emails in mailboxes across... Saber más sobre PhishER
SOAR platform to manage and remediate cybersecurity threats
IBM Security SOAR is a security orchestration, automation and response software designed to help businesses detect and prevent cybersecurity threats on a centralized platform. Supervisors can receive automated notifications about new incidents, monitor the severity of issues, and assign remediation tasks to team members. Saber más sobre IBM Security SOAR
Cloud security and SOAR solution
Cortex XSOAR is a cloud security software that helps businesses generate threat intelligence, automate incident response, handle remediation processes and more from within a centralized platform. It allows staff members to utilize automated playbooks to parse, aggregate, manage, and de-duplicate daily indicators across multiple sources. Saber más sobre Cortex XSOAR
SOAR software for threat intelligence teams
SIRP is a SOAR software that helps security operations centers and threat intelligence, incident response, and vulnerability management teams calculate risk scores for incidents and alerts based on various internal and external factors. The platform enables administrators to define security practices and automatically allocate steps to relevant... Saber más sobre SIRP