A continuación te presentamos nuestra lista de aplicaciones para Herramientas de automatización de marketing. Los filtros te ayudarán a acotar los resultados para que encuentres exactamente lo que estás buscando.

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Doppler is an email marketing platform designed to help businesses engage with customers using customizable forms, pre-defined templates, personalized communications, and SMS campaigns. Some features include an HTML editor, A/B testing capabilities, real-time reports, a centralized dashboard, and permission management. Saber más sobre Doppler
Mindbox is a marketing ecosystem that helps companies cultivate ultra-personalized omnichannel communications with their audience, resulting in a truly tailored customer experience. Used by over 560 brands across the globe to make their marketing magic happen. Saber más sobre Mindbox
Leadz Core offers companies the tools for targeted and economical lead management, enabling them to generate digital leads quickly and effectively. Key attributes include contact storage and management, lead generation, automatic lead profiling, qualifying and routing, evaluation and reporting, etc. Saber más sobre Leadz Core
Flexmail offers small and mid-sized enterprises and public administrations tools to simplify and enhance email marketing (EDM). Key features include a WYSIWYG editor, templates, segmentation, drip campaigns, contact list management, campaign & subscriber management, and CAN-SPAM compliance. Saber más sobre Flexmail
ReBid is a unified marketing and advertising automation platform which is cookieless and uses proprietary AI-based algorithms that leverage Madtech to simplify digital marketing. Saber más sobre ReBid Insights
Adcreative.ai is a platform that can generate hundreds of result-focused ad creatives within seconds, using powerful AI. Saber más sobre AdCreative.ai
The LongtailUX customer acquisition platform is a bolt-on upgrade that helps empower marketers to launch thousands of relevant, multi-product landing pages at scale for every channel. Saber más sobre Longtail UX
Cherry is a marketing automation and trade promotion management solution that helps businesses utilize machine learning technology to manage promotional offers and campaigns, optimizing the overall retargeting processes. It allows staff members to generate personalized offer recommendations by tracking customer behavior and attributes. Saber más sobre Cherry
GreyFox is a SaaS platform that provides you with the most advanced hyper-personalization technologies, at your fingertips for small to medium businesses. You can create a multitude of offers and campaign workflows. Our AI technology takes care of personalizing the offers and sending them to the right customers at the right time. It completely... Saber más sobre GreyFOX
Local Brand X's local marketing platform supports companies with a local sales and distribution partner network in providing their partners with editable marketing measures. The Local Brand X software solution can be used simply and easily as a SaaS web application in the browser. Saber más sobre Marketingportal
PostPilot is a cloud-based marketing automation platform that allows eCommerce brands to quickly engage and convert their customers with effective direct mail campaigns. The application allows online stores to send personalized, one-off post cards to clients in the form of automated triggered campaigns. Saber más sobre PostPilot
Colateral empowers retailers and brands to deliver targeted localized in-store marketing on a global scale. We enable you to automate campaign planning and execution, customize messages to each store based on insights, and ensure your marketing is 100% right every time. Saber más sobre Colateral
Fyre is a decentralized identity platform built for Web3. With features like token/NFT verification, KYC, and verifiable social actions all under one platform, Fyre has positioned itself as the industry standard for trustless application development. Saber más sobre Fyre
Retainly helps businesses work with a single set of customer data to segment, analyze and report on. It is an automated engagement platform that helps businesses maximize customer retention. Saber más sobre Retainly
Netmera is an integrated customer engagement and marketing platform that provides personalized experiences across all channels including in-app, e-mail, and SMS. It offers powerful and intelligent marketing solutions that can help businesses across various industries grow. Saber más sobre Netmera
Collects & processes billions of events in real-time to create unique customer journeys through automated marketing campaigns. Saber más sobre Evam

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