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Mailpro is a cloud-based email marketing software designed to help small to midsize businesses across eCommerce, hospitality, tourism, banking, and insurance sectors create, run, and manage email campaigns. Features include predefined templates, subscription management & campaign scheduling. Saber más sobre Mailpro
Use Ether Mailer to create professional newsletters in a few simple steps. Send the right message to the right person at the right time and boost your sales. Saber más sobre Ether Mailer
EmailDelivery.com is a cloud-based email marketing platform designed to simplify email automation, broadcasts, opt-in forms, segmentation, and more. The solution supports both transactional and marketing emails, and offers drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG and HTML editors for email personalization. Saber más sobre EmailDelivery.com
Phrasee faculta a las marcas con copywriting impulsado por IA que escribe líneas de asunto de alta calidad. El destacado sistema de generación de lenguaje natural y el motor de aprendizaje profundo crean texto que suena natural y es compatible con la marca; todo con solo tocar un botón. ¿Los resultados? Más aperturas, más clics y más ingresos.... Saber más sobre Phrasee
AccelGrid is a cloud-based solution that helps manufacturing, retail, and distribution businesses automate processes for customer relationship management, procurement, inventory management, point of sale, accounting, process automation, and more. Saber más sobre AccelGrid
Funnelfly es una plataforma de participación de clientes potenciales basada en la nube que ayuda a las empresas a gestionar y organizar sus embudos de ventas y esfuerzos de marketing. Esta plataforma de marketing de crecimiento ofrece herramientas como aprendizaje automático y mensajería personalizada para involucrar automáticamente a los clientes... Saber más sobre Funnelfly
FIREBusinessPlatform es una solución de gestión empresarial que ayuda a las pequeñas y medianas empresas a gestionar sus servicios de asistencia al cliente, automatización de marketing, colaboración y más. Permite a las organizaciones interactuar con sus clientes potenciales y actuales para mejorar las ventas y la satisfacción del cliente. Saber más sobre FIREBusinessPlatform
FeedBlitz is a cloud-based email marketing software designed to help businesses create newsletters, manage subscribers, and track the performance of marketing campaigns on a centralized platform. Supervisors can create subscription forms using custom layouts and add multiple data fields in the form. Saber más sobre FeedBlitz
Backclick is a marketing software that helps organizations create, implement, evaluate and rune web-based email campaigns and employ follow-up optimization processes. Backclick functions also extend to the creation and dispatch of newsletters. Saber más sobre Backclick
Wavo is a cold email tool designed to help agencies impress clients, save time and remove guesswork. Employees can send personalized cold emails from their email accounts with automated follow-ups. The platform allows managers to scale up outbound sales, recruiting and link building. Saber más sobre Wavo
Stampede is a customer management system that helps businesses in the hospitality sector retain existing or new customers via gift cards, guest Wi-Fi networks, marketing tools, and more. It provides a data capture module, which lets administrators automatically capture customer data in compliance with GDPR, request client preferences on food via a... Saber más sobre Stampede
Everest is an email marketing platform, which helps businesses design, review, preview, optimize, manage and track campaigns. Administrators can resize, personalize and configure dashboards using a drag-and-drop interface to monitor email deliverability and engagement, among other metrics. Saber más sobre Everest
Swiss Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Plattform - We connect traditional Inbound and Outbound Marketing into integrative Digital Marketing Solutions that REACH more client, CONVERT better and drive GROWTH along the Customer Lifecycle Saber más sobre Automation Monkey
Unifica tus mensajes en todos los canales a los roles adecuados, transformándolos en clientes valiosos de por vida, con esta plataforma de marketing impulsada por IA. Con la ayuda de modelos de datos predictivos, esta plataforma transforma las señales en acciones activadas, con ofertas, contenido y productos personales. Saber más sobre Exposebox
Spotler is an email marketing software designed to help businesses in the education, eCommerce, government, and other sectors create custom newsletters and manage campaigns. The platform enables administrators to add dynamic content and deploy personalized landing pages on a unified interface. Saber más sobre Spotler
ZING is the Everyday Hero for business owners. Built and designed as an ERP for SMBs, ZING is the most affordable platform, easy to use, and with extensive features that meet the demands of any booking-based business. Saber más sobre Zing
PursueApp is a powerful cold-email marketing application that help you turn more prospects into customers. You can import your leads and mail them using any mailing system including Gmail, GSuite, Outlook, or any SMTP provider. Saber más sobre PursueApp
Email marketing and messaging software that connects directly to databases like PostgreSQL, Redshift, Airtable, Google Sheets + more. Once connected, users can query their user data *in place* (no syncing!) and message their customers with their query results. Saber más sobre Vero Newsletters
Bluetick.io is an automated personal email followup software for warm & cold contacts. Used by sales reps, agencies & freelancers with high-touch sales pipelines. Saber más sobre Bluetick
With AcyMailing, website operators have the opportunity to personalize their newsletter and email campaigns via WordPress and Joomla. This extension offers tools for creating content based on templates to optimize marketing processes. Saber más sobre AcyMailing
Aufetra gives your bussiness new way of marketing with your targeted audiance. we also support 10+ in-built integration that help your business. provided service is template builder, content manager, campign manager, segmentation and automation. Saber más sobre Auftera Marketing Plateform
Software para crear campañas de email personalizadas, con enlaces, material interactivo y call actions. Integra servicio de envío de SMS masivos y adaptados al cliente objetivo. Los resultados se recopilan y se muestran en tiempo real. Permite verificar la recepción y la interacción del receptor. Saber más sobre Acrelia News
Email and SMS marketing platform with API for third-party integration. Saber más sobre Yournotify
Email Jeet aims to assist business managers in growing their customer base to increase revenue on minimal budgets. Key features of the software include email campaign management, mail scheduling, list management, subscriber and unsubscriber management, mail personalization, and spam score analysis tools. Saber más sobre Email Jeet
Premailer assists marketing experts to gain increased customer engagement and optimize lead generations through email marketing. Key attributes include list management, template management, AB testing, drip campaigns, content management, bulk email sending, contact management, and analysis tools. Saber más sobre PriMailer
FORTVISION is a one-stop-shop marketing automation and website personalization software designed to improve all your sales and marketing conversions using internal & external data sources, including external CRM software. Saber más sobre FORTVISION
Otowui offers you template builders that simply create a unique harmonized experience. Perfect email rendering across all platforms. Multi-compatibility with Marketing Automation Platform. Our modules are at the forefront of the latest trends and being constantly updated. Saber más sobre Otowui
KlickTipp users can create email campaigns, access templates, and use automated functions. This opens up new opportunities in email marketing, especially for SMEs. In particular, KlickTipp puts an end to cumbersome manual work with email lists. Saber más sobre KlickTipp
The Salesforce Email Studio email marketing platform is not only designed to automate processes and streamline working, but also aims to achieve the highest possible level of commitment from the target groups addressed. Various campaign optimization tools are available for this purpose. Saber más sobre Email Studio
Design, automate and analyze your marketing and transactional campaigns with personalized emails and text messages that convert. Mobile Marketing Cloud is an all-in-one software solution which includes CDP with smart segments, omni-channel campaigns, automated multi-step workflows, & more. Saber más sobre Mobile Marketing Cloud
XCAMPAIGN is an email marketing solution designed to support companies wishing to acquire new customers and/or maintain existing customers. Various functions for analysis, dispatch, and addressing target groups are available for this purpose. Saber más sobre XCAMPAIGN
Cheetah Messaging helps those responsible for marketing to better manage and control their campaigns with greater efficiency. Advertising campaigns on different channels can be controlled and managed with one tool. In addition, Cheetah Messaging enables personalized advertising. Saber más sobre Cheetah Messaging
Beyond Relationship Marketing is an email marketing software package that helps companies from different industries to run their campaigns. Numerous setting options and adjustments are available for individual email marketing solutions. Saber más sobre Beyond Relationship Marketing
Wilken E-Marketing Suite is a modular software for audience-specific communication with customers. Its aim is to optimize customer acquisition, retention, and sales performance. This integrated email marketing solution can help support communication goals. Saber más sobre Wilken E-Marketing Suite
Deployer is an intuitive email marketing platform that allows users to design effective, visually appealing emails that get results. Saber más sobre Deployer
mailflatrate is a cloud-based email marketing software designed to help businesses create, send, and manage newsletter campaigns on a centralized platform. Supervisors can create customizable templates using a drag-and-drop editor and automatically generate reports. Saber más sobre mailflatrate
JUNE helps you to easily design high-quality emails and newsletters in live editing. Use JUNE's selection of existing templates, build your own and save time with a wide range of automations. Saber más sobre JUNE - Email Marketing
Finder.io by 500apps is an email finder and email verifier software that is developed with advanced lead mining technology. Finder.io enables you to find B2B email addresses, help you to grow sales and build strong networks. Saber más sobre Finder.io
Akna is a cloud-based marketing suite of Email, SMS, and inbound marketing. Saber más sobre Akna
Konecta is a no-setup email outreach platform that allows businesses to set up an account and start sending emails to a database of 30m+ contacts or upload audiences and find their emails. It offers a scalable, ultra-personalized sending experience that runs on auto-pilot. Saber más sobre Konecta
Doppler is an email marketing platform designed to help businesses engage with customers using customizable forms, pre-defined templates, personalized communications, and SMS campaigns. Some features include an HTML editor, A/B testing capabilities, real-time reports, a centralized dashboard, and permission management. Saber más sobre Doppler
Audience Republic is a SaaS platform designed to help event organizers sell more tickets by maximizing word-of-mouth promotion, building audiences & unlocking customer insights. Saber más sobre Audience Republic
Flexmail offers small and mid-sized enterprises and public administrations tools to simplify and enhance email marketing (EDM). Key features include a WYSIWYG editor, templates, segmentation, drip campaigns, contact list management, campaign & subscriber management, and CAN-SPAM compliance. Saber más sobre Flexmail
Xert Precision helps businesses to manage and optimize email campaigns. Xert SF is the email marketing module of Xert Precision Suite. It supports email campaign management, automated target audience segmentation, and web analytics and reporting while offering open data architecture features like priority management, event-triggered email... Saber más sobre Xert Precision Suite
SenegalMARKETING is an email marketing platform. With this tool, users can automate email campaigns and social posts, set up workflows to automate mundane tasks such as sending out newsletters, automating campaign replies, and scheduling posts for Facebook and Twitter. Saber más sobre SenegalMARKETING
Kasplo is an email marketing tool that helps businesses engage, track and build audiences. The email editor lets users build visually engaging, HTML-rich emails and plain text emails. The automation and segmentation tools allow teams to send tailored emails to specific groups and set up autoresponders and drip campaigns. Saber más sobre Kasplo

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