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Software de gestión de inventario para restaurantes
Software de gestión y colaboración de inventario para restaurantes para pequeños y grandes operadores de servicios de comidas y sus proveedores. Saber más sobre Marketman
Sistema POS para tabletas basado en la nube
Poster POS es una aplicación de punto de venta para tabletas basada en la nube que permite a cafeterías, tiendas y restaurantes gestionar menús, pedidos y suministros rápidamente y con eficacia. Saber más sobre Poster POS
POS en la nube para restaurantes de todos los tamaños.
Sapaad es un sistema de gestión de restaurantes y puntos de venta (POS) basado en la nube y diseñado para restaurantes de todos los tamaños. Saber más sobre Sapaad
Plataforma de poca codificación para crear aplicaciones de negocios personalizadas
Zoho Creator es una plataforma de poca codificación basada en web que permite a todo el mundo crear aplicaciones de negocios optimizadas para dispositivos móviles sin ningún conocimiento técnico previo. Saber más sobre Zoho Creator
Staff scheduling, time tracking, communication & attendance
When I Work is the easiest way for businesses to schedule and communicate with your hourly employees. Put the schedule and time clock in everyone's pocket. Schedule on-the-go with free apps for iPhone and Android. Save yourself time and money and improve accountability. Free for up to 75 employees. Saber más sobre When I Work
Staff Scheduling, Time & Attendance (Time Clock) & More
Deputy is an all-in-one employee scheduling, time & attendance, tasking & communication platform, with mobile apps which allow users to manage teams on the go. Saber más sobre Deputy
Scheduling software for businesses with hourly employees
OpenSimSim is a free scheduling solution for hourly employees. Build the schedule in minutes, make changes to it easily and send it to your team in a click. Free iOS & Android apps mean you can edit & check the schedule on the go + your employees always have the most updated version. Saber más sobre OpenSimSim
Simplifying labor management, one shift at a time.
7shifts is an all-in-one solution for restaurants to schedule staff, communicate with their team, optimize labor, and more in one easy-to-use platform. Build a happier, more efficient workplace with 7shifts. Start free today. Saber más sobre 7Shifts
Programación y gestión de la fuerza de trabajo para restaurantes
HotSchedules es una herramienta de planificación de personal para gestionar y comunicarse con la fuerza de trabajo, así como pronosticar ventas, generar informes y contratar personal nuevo. Saber más sobre HotSchedules
Online Point of Sale (POS) software solution for restaurants
CAKE is Sysco's Point of Sale restaurant solution. It's built rugged tough, robust, yet easy to use and cost friendly. Get more done every shift, every day. Saber más sobre CAKE
Solución de punto de venta basada en iPad para restaurantes
El sistema iPad POS de TouchBistro está diseñado por el personal de servicio del restaurante y destinado a ellos con el fin de satisfacer las necesidades específicas del sector con soporte experto en horario ininterrumpido. Saber más sobre TouchBistro
Sales & event management for hotels, restaurants & venues
Tripleseat SmartSuite is a cloud-based event management solution for hotels, restaurants & other venues, covering bookings, payments, document management & more Saber más sobre Tripleseat
Restaurant & Bar iPad POS Management System
Upserve POS - formerly Breadcrumb - is a POS management system for bars and restaurants that allows users to manage teams, get updates on activity, and access data from their iPhone Saber más sobre Upserve POS
Operations platform for small-medium & franchise businesses
Jolt is an operations platform for any business, encompassing employee management and food safety compliance. The software helps businesses to decrease labor costs and improve staff accountability, productivity and efficiency Saber más sobre Jolt
Cloud-based Point of Sale solution for restaurants
Toast POS solution is a cloud-based restaurant management platform for restaurant owners to reduce staff & operational costs and improve customer experience Saber más sobre Toast POS
Secure electronic point of sale (POS) system
Epos Now is a cloud-based point of sale system which enables restaurant & retail businesses to control inventory as well as manage customers, reporting & staff Saber más sobre Epos Now
Private event management software for restaurants & venues
Gather is an end-to-end events management platform that helps users manage their private event, banquet and catering business from sales to execution Saber más sobre Gather
Point of Sale, Online POS & ePOS System, Restaurant Software
Kounta is a modern cloud-based Point of Sale, with a focus on hospitality. Boasting a simple setup and clean interface, Kounta is packed with features to do much more than ring up sales. Works with dozens of third party apps to extend its use even further, and will run on just about any hardware. Saber más sobre Kounta
Employee time clock & attendance tracking solution
honeybeeBase is a cloud-based employee management solution which covers scheduling, attendance management, time tracking, communication, file sharing, and more Saber más sobre honeybeeBase
Sistema de pedidos online para cadenas y franquicias de una o varias tiendas
Flipdish es una plataforma de pedidos en la web y dispositivos móviles dirigida a restaurantes individuales, cadenas de varias tiendas y franquicias para que acepten pedidos a través de sus propias aplicaciones móviles personalizadas. Saber más sobre Flipdish
Sistema de punto de venta para iPad, basado en la nube, para el sector de los restaurantes
Un sistema de POS para iPad todo en uno que está dirigido a los restaurantes y ofrece gestión de inventarios, planificación de personal, supervisión de ventas e informes personalizados. Saber más sobre Lavu
Gestión de servicios de alimentación para restaurantes y food trucks
FreshCheq es una herramienta de registro de alimentos diseñada para ayudar a los restaurantes, food trucks y otras empresas de preparación de alimentos a garantizar la seguridad con registros de temperatura y listas de verificación. Saber más sobre FreshCheq
Restaurant employee scheduling software
Electronically schedule staff, store documents & employee information and communicate with Schedulefly; accessible to all staff members as a mobile app. Saber más sobre Schedulefly
Beverage program management & marketing for bars & breweries
TapHunter is a cloud-based software designed to meet the needs of bar owners & managers for managing and marketing beverage programs. The solution offers a centralized dashboard for menu creation and publishing, website & digital signage integration, inventory tracking, review monitoring, and more. Saber más sobre TapHunter
Cloud-based restaurant & recipe management platform
ChefMod is a cloud-based restaurant management & purchasing platform that helps restaurant owners as well as chefs manage recipes, orders & purchase lifecycle Saber más sobre ChefMod
iPad POS for quick-serve, takeaway & on-the-go customers
Koomi POS is a point of sale solution which helps quick-service restaurants and takeaways streamline operations. With applications for food trucks, bakeries, bars, pizzerias, ice cream parlors, franchises, salad bars, and more, Koomi POS supports efficient, quick-service order management. Saber más sobre Koomi POS
Operations Execution Software for Multi-Unit Operators
Restaurants, convenience stores, and other retail chains use Zenput to see inside and improve the operations of every store. By making it easy to roll-out, track and enforce compliance with operating procedures and key initiatives, Zenput helps improve performance and exceed customer expectations. Saber más sobre Zenput Mobile
Point your restaurant in the right direction with PointOS.
PointOS is a point of sale solution that helps restaurants manage operations, inventory management, and customers. The platform enables users to design day-to-day operations with sales analytics, profit management, and in-depth labor reports. Saber más sobre PointOS
Restaurant management and EPOS solution for businesses
Aloha is a cloud-based EPOS solution designed to helps bars and restaurants manage their business lifecycles, from reservations to seating plans, table services, staff rosters, & payments. Managers can create custom floor plans using real-time updates on waiting times and available seating capacity. Saber más sobre Aloha
Scheduling, time tracking, payroll, and HR for restaurants.
Push Operations is a cloud based employee management system made for restaurants. Payroll, scheduling, time & attendance, HR management and onboarding. Saber más sobre Push Operations
ERP solutions for retail, restaurants & distribution
GOFRUGAL offers retail, restaurant, distribution and Enterprise businesses a range of ERP and Point of Sale (POS) solutions suitable for multiple trades, with a cloud-based option boasting multi-store management, inventory control, purchase automation, BI reporting & data syncing for offline access Saber más sobre GOFRUGAL
Restaurant, bar & hotel management solution
Maitre'D is a POS software providing tools to manage restaurants, bars & hotels and to handle back-office with many functionalities. Saber más sobre Maitre'D
Online booking tool for SMBs
Monetize existing customers, generate new ones and stand out from competition with Shore's online booking tool for SMBs Saber más sobre Shore
Library and learning management solutions for restaurants
DiscoverLink is an e-learning solution provider that helps hospitality businesses with learning management systems, custom developed courses, and metrics-based technology to measure the effectiveness of programs on factors such as profitability, turnover, sales, costs, and competency level. Saber más sobre DiscoverLink
Accounting and operations for multi-unit restaurants
Restaurant365 is a cloud-based solution which assists restaurants with inventory management, operations, performance tracking, payment processing, multi-level approval flows and more. It provides customizable reports on metrics such as sales, menu items, labor, inventory and food and recipe costing. Saber más sobre Restaurant365
Online & mobile hospitality industry order management & CRM
BlueCart is an online & mobile wholesale order management platform that makes receiving orders and managing buyers faster and easier. We have a sales CRM, order management that includes order cutoff times & order minimums, delivery route management, and more. Saber más sobre BlueCart
Sistema de gestión de aprendizaje basado en web personalizado
El LMS de Wisetail es una plataforma de aprendizaje en línea galardonada. Este LMS brinda a las empresas las herramientas para construir una cultura e impulsar la comunidad mientras capacitan su fuerza laboral. Saber más sobre Wisetail LMS
Point of sale (POS) for restaurants & cafes
Slurp! is a cloud-based iPad point of sale (POS) software designed to help restaurants and cafes manage orders, accept payments, track sales, and monitor business performance with features such as table, inventory, and staff management, plus real-time reporting, POS integrations, and more Saber más sobre Slurp!
Sistema de pedidos móviles y POS para Android
FoodZaps Mobile POS para Android permite a los usuarios administrar el inventario, el personal, los menús, los pedidos y la facturación desde cualquier lugar, incluyendo analíticas e informes exhaustivos. Saber más sobre FoodZaps
Mobile-friendly, hybrid, cloud-based restaurant & bar POS
Ordyx is a hybrid POS system with SMS messaging, inventory management, and loyalty programs, compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, Windows, and Mobile. Saber más sobre Ordyx
iPad POS System for Restaurants & Bars
Rezku POS is an iPad point-of-sale system for bars & restaurants with features for tableside ordering, advanced menus, staff mgmt., custom floor plans & more. Use almost any credit card processor. No long term contracts. Includes: inventory management, KDS app, loyalty rewards, gift card program. Saber más sobre Rezku POS
Software de punto de venta para restaurantes.
Square for Restaurants es una solución de POS (punto de venta, por sus siglos en inglés) basada en la nube que ayuda en las operaciones de consumición, recogida y entrega a domicilio de los restaurantes. El sistema proporciona herramientas para la gestión interna y externa del negocio, pedidos online, procesamiento de tarjetas de crédito, pagos... Saber más sobre Square for Restaurants
Restaurant management system for businesses of all sizes
CAKE Guest Manager is a cloud-based restaurant management system designed to help businesses of all sizes manage waitlists, reservations, tables, guest seating, point of sale (POS) integration, and more. The platform enables users to send text messages with booking details, progress and promotions. Saber más sobre CAKE Guest Manager
Mobile payment processing solution
SmartSwipe is a mobile POS system which enables retail businesses & restaurants to accept credit card payments, send email receipts & capture signatures easily Saber más sobre SmartSwipe
A POS system designed for small businesses
Squirrel in a Box+ contains everything you need to set up your restaurant. Receive the box with hardware & a customizable POS system within a few clicks. Saber más sobre Squirrel in a Box+
Pizza restaurant & delivery POS system
Thr!ve POS is a cloud-based point of sale system designed for pizza restaurants, with tools for managing orders, deliveries, customers, labor, inventory & more Saber más sobre Thr!ve POS
Food & Labor Operations Platform for Multi-unit Restaurants
CrunchTime is the food and labor operations platform for the restaurant industry. We offer tools for managing inventory orders, food cost control, prep and safety, franchising, labor scheduling, labor law compliance, supply chain tracking, forecasting, vendor alignment, and enterprise reporting. Saber más sobre CrunchTime
All-in-one restaurant management software
Compeat is an all-in-one restaurant management solution designed for hospitality businesses to manage their back office, accounting, labor, inventory, reporting, and more. The software offers native iOS & Android apps for taking inventory, communicating with employees, and monitoring sales. Saber más sobre Compeat
Operations, marketing, & guest engagement platform
SevenRooms is a web-based direct reservations, guest experience, marketing automation, and operations management solution for restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, sports clubs, and other membership organizations. Businesses can manage guest experience with a native iOS app and multiple POS integrations. Saber más sobre SevenRooms
The most reliable and easy to use restaurant POS.
Brigade POS is a web-based point-of-sale solution for restaurants to manage their front desk & floor operations, menu, staff, billing activities, and more Saber más sobre Brigade POS
Online ordering, customer acquisition & retention software
Boostly is an online ordering solution for restaurants which allows customers to place their orders through restaurant websites, Facebook pages, or Google. The software also includes tools for customer acquisition, referral programs, retention, feedback collection, and more. Saber más sobre Boostly
Invoice processing & inventory management for restaurants
MarginEdge is a cloud-based platform which helps restaurants of all sizes with invoice processing and inventory management. Key features include purchasing, cost management, billing, image capture, recipe documentation, third-party integration, and customizable reporting. Saber más sobre MarginEdge
Automated accounts payable for restaurants
Plate IQ is accounts payable automation software that saves time, increases the accuracy of restaurants’ data, and provides timely insights into their spend. Saber más sobre Plate IQ
Cloud-based restaurant management solution for SMBs
Parsley is a cloud-based restaurant management solution which helps small to midsize businesses manage recipes, costs, billing and invoicing, kitchens, nutritional analysis, and more. Parsley allows users to search, edit or compare recipes from a single, centralized repository. Saber más sobre Parsley
Cloud-based Restaurant Management Software
SynergySuite integrates with your POS to provide additional functionality to manage inventory, purchasing, scheduling, food safety, and human resources. Saber más sobre SynergySuite
Restaurant management & recipe costing
Recipe Costing Software allows users to cost recipes, sub-recipes & menu items, including ingredient, material & labor costs, and track & manage their inventory Saber más sobre Recipe Costing
Restaurant management & point of sale (POS) system
Menumiz is a cloud-based restaurant management and point of sale (POS) solution which utilizes native apps for iOS and Android to streamline restaurant service. The platform offers digital menus, order & table management, payment processing, kitchen & inventory management, accounting, and more. Saber más sobre Menumiz
Gestión de servicios de alimentación
APICBASE Food Management es una solución basada en la nube para la gestión de inventarios minoristas y otras operaciones de trastienda para empresas de servicios de alimentación. Ayuda a los usuarios a crear recetas, importar ingredientes para rastrear alérgenos, administrar acciones, calcular costos de alimentos y más. Saber más sobre APICBASE Food Management
Customer experience management for retail & service chains
ServiceDock helps multi-unit businesses like retail chains & restaurant groups monitor and improve the customer experience in their stores. Capture more feedback via our messaging-based surveys, get insights instantly in our live dashboard and retain more customers by following up in real-time. Saber más sobre ServiceDock
Back-office restaurant management
QSROnline is a restaurant back-office solution with food cost control, accounting & payroll integration, labor scheduling, and detailed reporting Saber más sobre QSROnline
Operations management for hospitality and leisure businesses
Trail is an operations management app that helps businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry manage tasks, teams, and goals across multiple locations. Features include scheduling, task allocation, incident reporting, compliance management, performance reports, issue tracking, and more. Saber más sobre Trail
Solución de pedidos de alimentos en línea para PYMES gastronómicas
Social Taste es un sitio web de pedidos de alimentos basado en la nube y una solución de aplicación móvil nativa para restaurantes pequeños y medianos, con integración de Facebook. Saber más sobre Social Taste
Restaurant management software for the hospitality industry
Fourth is a cloud-based solution designed to help restaurant, catering, hotel & bar businesses manage back office operations through inventory management and workforce collaboration. Fourth provides role-based access to all applications with one set of credentials to ensure regulatory compliance. Saber más sobre Fourth
Online Food Ordering & Reservation System For Restaurants
Our online food ordering system allows you to manage takeaways, deliveries, dine-in's and reservations all through one streamlined software which is built for restaurants and food businesses of any kind Saber más sobre CloudWaitress
Food service management solution for all business sizes
Biz1book is a cloud-based food service management solution that helps businesses of all sizes within the food and beverage industry track and manage inventory, manufacturing, product price changes, wastage, stock variations, sales, maintenance, purchase, dispatch, and more Saber más sobre Biz1book
Digital storefront and menu with local search listing
SinglePlatform is a digital store front that allows your customers to find your business quickly and effectively in local search listings. Enhance your local listings with product and service menus, location, phone number, photos, hours of operation, special offers and more. You can then embed your digital menu of products and services on your... Saber más sobre SinglePlatform
Web-based event management solution for caterers
ReServe Interactive Event Management is a web-based solution designed for caterers and event planners to automate event booking and event related operations Saber más sobre ReServe Event Management
Restaurant management and point-of-sale (POS) software
Sineron is a customizable restaurant management & POS software for restaurants of all sizes, featuring order, table, inventory, employee & supplier management Saber más sobre Sineron
Cloud operations & maintenance toolkit
For Multi-unit restaurants that need tracking & accountability of maintenance & operation tasks without the overkill of CMMS or work orders. Saber más sobre Owl Ops
SMS-based customer surveys for delivery restaurants
Servmetrics is a digital quality check dashboard for take-out and delivery-based restaurants that captures customer satisfaction in real time via SMS surveys Saber más sobre Servmetrics
Online food ordering system
Online Food Ordering and Delivery System which can be used to create delivery business like Delivery Hero Clone, deliveroo clone, foodora clone etc. Saber más sobre eDeliveryApp
Sistema de pedidos en línea gratuito para restaurantes
Ontabee es un software de respuesta móvil y automatizado que permite que restaurantes de cualquier tamaño acepten y gestionen pedidos de clientes en línea, a través de aplicaciones móviles nativas. Saber más sobre Ontabee
Food cost management software for restaurants
Orderly is a restaurant management solution for independent restaurants in the United States. Get an accurate inventory count and cost of goods sold without ever taking inventory. Use data gathered by Orderly to make smart decisions for supplier pricing and lowering the cost of goods sold. Saber más sobre Orderly
Automated accounts payable & food cost intelligence platform
xtraCHEF is an invoice processing and food cost analysis tool for businesses within the restaurant and food service industry. The cloud-based solution automates tasks such as invoice parsing, cost analysis, data entry, purchase order and vendor statement reconciliation, and more. Saber más sobre xtraCHEF
Cloud POS software for the restaurant & hospitality industry
anyWarePOS is a cloud-based POS (point of sale) solution for the restaurant & hospitality industry which supports features such as order, payment, menu, bar, customer, and discount management, and runs on any device with a web browser including desktop computers, iPads, and smartphones Saber más sobre anyWarePOS
Restaurant reservation system for businesses of all sizes
ResEasy is a cloud-based restaurant reservation system which helps small to large businesses manage waitlists, guest seating, loyalty programs, point-of-sale (PoS) transactions, administration, marketing, & more. The platform also allows users to optimize table settings & event bookings. Saber más sobre ResEasy