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Reference collection software with fraud detection
Referoo is a reference tracking software that helps businesses establish contact with referees and create evaluation surveys to capture candidate information. It allows users to build referee profiles with details, such as job title, email, and relationship with the candidate. Saber más sobre Referoo
Una plataforma australiana integrada de gestión de personal y recursos humanos.
Employment Hero es una plataforma de RR. HH., nóminas y beneficios con la que las empresas pueden gestionar tareas administrativas como reclutamiento, incorporación, hojas de horas y nóminas para agilizar los procesos administrativos. Employment Hero está disponible como aplicación móvil nativa en iOS y Android. Saber más sobre Employment Hero
Pre-recorded & live video interviewing software
VidCruiter is the world’s most advanced video interviewing platform. Our system offers pre-recorded and live video interviewing that can be customized to meet any recruitment scenario and has helped companies of all sizes find better quality applicants in a faster and more cost-effective way. Saber más sobre VidCruiter
Recruitment and talent acquisition cloud-based software
SkillSurvey isn’t just about checking references & credentials, we’re about applying the science of human behavior & harnessing the power of data and insights to help organizations hire the right people for every role. Saber más sobre SkillSurvey
Before you hire, Xref.
Xref is trusted by businesses globally to offer reference, background and ID checks that are fast, simple and secure. Saber más sobre Xref
Verificación de referencias
RefNow es una solución de verificación de referencias basada en la nube. Está diseñada para equipos de Recursos Humanos y reclutadores. Ofrece una gama de funciones, como solicitudes de referencia, invitaciones y recordatorios por correo electrónico, autoservicio de candidatos, análisis de datos, preguntas de personalización, administración de... Saber más sobre RefNow
Automated reference checking solution
Zinc is an automated reference checking solution designed to help enterprises streamline operations related to hiring, candidate assessments, information verification, and feedback gathering. The built-in questionnaire library allows managers to create custom surveys to gather feedback. Saber más sobre Zinc
Candidate reference checking and verification
Checkmate is an automated online reference checking software that collects and verifies employee reference information. Features include automated alerts for reference requests, identity checking using LinkedIn, custom branding of the Checkmate platform and fraudulent reference prevention. Saber más sobre Checkmate
Solución de gestión de referencias y equipos de RR. HH.
Crosschq es una solución de gestión de referencias que ayuda a las organizaciones a racionalizar sus procesos de selección, contratación e incorporación de candidatos. Su herramienta incorporada de adquisición de talentos recopila información de los candidatos y permite que los gerentes de contratación filtren candidaturas según los requisitos del... Saber más sobre Crosschq
Comprobación de referencias y comentarios de talentos para reclutadores
Vitay es una plataforma de verificación de referencias y comentarios sobre talentos. Está diseñada para empresas de contratación y reclutamiento, empleadores y empresas de evaluación de antecedentes. Vitay puede enviar múltiples solicitudes de referencias a los candidatos y las personas que avalan las referencias pueden proporcionar comentarios... Saber más sobre Vitay
Online reference checking platform for recruiting agencies
Dossy is a cloud-based reference checking platform designed to help recruiting agencies and employers automate processes for verifying referee details. It lets users collect candidate contact information and specify the number of references to ensure efficiency throughout the hiring process. Saber más sobre Dossy
Global background checks that are fast, accurate & secure
Veremark’s online background check software automates your entire background screening process. The result is fast (sometimes even instant) check turnaround times, standardised and auditable processes and an improved overall experience for you, your candidates and their referees. Saber más sobre Veremark
Automated reference checking platform
TeleReference is a cloud-based platform for automating reference checks, with support for video, phone, and written references, record storage, archiving & more Saber más sobre TeleReference
Automated reference checking solution for recruiters
Refapp is a reference checking solution, which helps recruiters and hiring organizations automate verification processes. The custom form builder enables enterprises to create questionnaires for multiple projects as well as generate a standard template and share with teams across the organization. Saber más sobre Refapp
Reference checking tool for hiring teams
robin is a cloud-based reference checking solution designed to help recruiters automate processes for collecting feedback from referees about candidates. It stores candidates’ email addresses & phone numbers, letting employers reach out to applicants to confirm referee details. Saber más sobre robin
Reference checking solution for ranking qualified candidates
Jointl is a pre-employment reference checking platform designed to help recruiters assess and manage candidate scoring. Its form builder tool lets users utilize pre-defined templates and questions for collecting references, which can be customized based on individual requirements. Saber más sobre Jointl
Online and text-based automated reference check solution
RefLynk helps businesses manage processes related to reference checking and feedback gathering via text messages or web links in emails. The platform comes with a survey building module, which enables organizations to create custom surveys, modify existing templates, & define close-out requirements. Saber más sobre RefLynk
Candidate screening solution for recruitment agencies
Access Screening is a cloud-based pre-employment screening solution designed to help recruiting agencies automate processes for conducting background checks. It lets users validate documentation, create profiles for candidates, & track the progress of each applicant within the compliance dashboard. Saber más sobre Access Screening
AI-driven hiring platform & cloud-based recruiting software
Snaphunt is a smart hiring platform & cloud-based software designed to help businesses find the right talent quickly while simplifying the entire recruitment lifecycle with powerful automations, from role definition to candidate sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, reference checking & more. Saber más sobre Snaphunt