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16 opciones de software

PORTAX is a Windows-based portfolio management and planning software, that assists investors with after-tax portfolio optimization, asset allocation and modelling of different tax and ownership structures. Saber más sobre PORTAX
Dolibarr es un paquete de software empresarial para administrar tu actividad (contactos, facturas, pedidos, productos, acciones, agenda, correos electrónicos, etc.). Es un software de código abierto y gratuito diseñado para empresas, fundaciones y trabajadores independientes. Disponible tanto en la nube como a nivel local. Saber más sobre Dolibarr
Un rastreador de carteras fácil de usar que comprueba acciones y ayuda a vigilar las inversiones y los mercados. Supervisa el rendimiento de las inversiones con carteras. Ofrece información del mercado con listas de vigilancia. Muestra datos sobre el movimiento del mercado con gráficos de acciones dinámicos y diarios que incluyen indicadores... Saber más sobre StockMarketEye
HiddenLevers is a portfolio stress testing platform that helps businesses generate investment proposals, monitor risks, and conduct stress tests, among other processes. Advisors can assess the impact of blending several strategies related to risk, asset allocation, overall yield, and total returns. Saber más sobre HiddenLevers
HedgeGuard es un software de gestión de carteras de inversión con herramientas para la gestión de pedidos, riesgos y cumplimiento, el mantenimiento de la posición y la creación de informes de capacidades. Saber más sobre HedgeGuard
Riskalyze is transforming the advisory industry by empowering investment advisors to capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance, and use that data to win new clients, capture and meet expectations and quantify suitability. Saber más sobre Riskalyze
TOGGLE is an AI-powered financial analytics software designed to help businesses monitor market data in real-time and gain insight into investments and opportunities. Features include data visualization, natural language processing, portfolio creation, email alerts, and asset due diligence. Saber más sobre TOGGLE
Active Trader Pro is a trading platform that lets active investors accomplish financial targets and formulate trading strategies. It provides in-depth market analysis, trading ideas and real-time analytics capability to monitor unprecedented highs or lows of the stock prices in the intraday volume. Saber más sobre Active Trader Pro
Perfona is a cloud-based portfolio management system intended for deployment by hedge funds, RIAs, asset managers, and private equity firms, comprising key modules including portfolio accounting, investor management, order management, data warehousing, workflow automation and customizable reporting Saber más sobre Perfona
ETNA Digital Advisor helps fund managers, registered investment advisors (RIA), and financial institutions of all sizes manage investments. The platform is a white-label solution, which enables organizations to personalize the interface with a custom logo, colors, themes, and languages. Saber más sobre ETNA Digital Advisor
XT-ERP is an enterprise resource planning and CMMS (computer maintenance management system) tool that is made up of various modules including sales & purchasing, contract management, CRM, stock management, help desk, production monitoring, geolocation, and reporting and BI. Saber más sobre XT-ERP
Office Cloud is a web-based portfolio management platform designed for registered investors, advisors, wealth managers, and asset managers, which provides in-depth research analysis to educate clients about multiple investment opportunities. Saber más sobre Morningstar Office Cloud
Seeking Alpha offers stock market analysis tools to assist with stock portfolio management. With this solution, users can access stock prices and charts, in-depth news and analysis, real-time updates, investing newsletters, data visualizations, peer comparisons, and more. Seeking Alpha can provide email alerts for stock news as well as upgrades... Saber más sobre Seeking Alpha
Statmetrics is an all-in-one solution for portfolio analytics and investment research. Saber más sobre Statmetrics
Beanvest is a stock portfolio performance tracker that helps users in becoming better investors. Saber más sobre Beanvest

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