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Software de gestión de medio ambiente, salud y seguridad
Cority ofrece una solución de software de gestión de seguridad, salud y ambiente basada en la web para mejorar la sostenibilidad ambiental y la salud y seguridad ocupacional. Saber más sobre Cority
Plataforma de cumplimiento y sostenibilidad para cadenas de suministro
IntegrityNext es una plataforma de cumplimiento y sostenibilidad basada en la nube que proporciona cadenas de suministro con tecnología de supervisión de redes sociales y autoevaluación. Saber más sobre IntegrityNext
Web-based EHS and quality management software
EHS Management is a web-based software for environment, health, and safety that optimizes business performance and enables regulatory compliance for companies Saber más sobre Intelex
Software de formularios móviles para inspección, auditorías y verificaciones de seguridad
Form.com es una solución de automatización de formularios basada en la Web que permite crear formularios personalizados, implementar formularios y gestionar los datos recolectados en los formularios. Saber más sobre Form.com
Web based EHS management solution for SMBs
EHS Insight is a multi-feature solution for managing incidents, risk, audits and safety at workplaces. Saber más sobre EHS Insight
Invoice & accounts payable automation platform
Goby is a cloud-based invoice and accounts payable automation platform that helps organizations streamline accounts payable workflows, generate ROI, and make strategic decisions backed by powerful analytics. Drive and reshape business strategies, and elevate financial performance Saber más sobre Goby
Enterprise sustainability & ESG reporting software
Accuvio Sustainability Reporting Software is a cloud-based, CDP-accredited sustainability data collection, cleansing, analysis and reporting software with over 2000 types of emissions sources including greenhouse gas emissions, carbon, energy, CSR/ESG, waste, water, transport, and business travel Saber más sobre Accuvio
Impact measurement with measured outcomes
Socialsuite is an impact management solution for businesses of all types, primarily government and corporate funders, non-profits, and impact measurement consultants. The cloud-based suite offers tools for configuring frameworks, gathering data, and creating custom dashboards to measure impact. Saber más sobre Socialsuite
Gestión de salud y seguridad ambiental (EHS)
Quentic es una solución integral de salud y seguridad ambiental (EHS) con módulos de gestión de auditorías, cumplimiento legal, control de procesos, materiales peligrosos y más. Saber más sobre Quentic
Sustainability and social value reporting solution
Impact is a cloud-based sustainability & social value reporting platform designed to help organizations capture, monitor, and record social initiatives and performance. Key features include goal tracking, predictive analysis, team communication, real-time data logging, data capture and transfer. Saber más sobre Impact
Sustainability solution for healthcare organizations
Key Green Solutions is a cloud-based energy management platform, designed to help healthcare organizations measure the effects of implemented sustainability programs. Hospitals can review water/electricity usage, waste volume, and sustainable food purchases to generate development reports. Saber más sobre Key Green Solutions Software