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Workfacta drives results with a disciplined approach to management tasks, convert business plans into actions, align teams to the business strategy, run integrated meetings to review critical business items, and facilitate decision-making with data. Managers always know what is happening at all time Saber más sobre Workfacta
DecideAct is Strategy Execution Management solution that replaces the traditional spread sheets and makes tracking easier by having automated follow ups. Saber más sobre DecideAct
CAREweb is a cutting-edge GRC suite that can be deployed either on-premise or in the Cloud as a SaaS platform. It comprises 4 main feature-rich systems. Saber más sobre CAREweb
Visyond is a smart financial spreadsheet system with features for forecasting, analysis, budgeting, simulation, & more Saber más sobre Visyond
Falcon is used to implement long-term transformation strategies. Its tree structure and time-saving features enable flexible collaborations between larger teams. Saber más sobre Falcon
The most complete system in Brazil for Strategic and Financial Planning that makes planning executable using agile and traditional methodologies such as OKR and BSC. Saber más sobre Scoreplan
Supports smart innovative workflows, allows distributed planning for sales, product line-up, production and logistics with collaborative business decisions. Saber más sobre S&OP - Sales Planning
VISULT is the first management by objectives platform. It is designed to help managers deploy their business plans while improving collaboration and employee commitment. Saber más sobre VISULT
A unified self-service Growth Marketing platform for businesses to create marketing strategy, plans and tactics Saber más sobre Growth Marketing Hub
Design and optimization of end-to-end transportation scenarios. Integrated planning of transport routing, tours & frequencies in line with dynamic transport demand. Saber más sobre SCM - Transportation Planning & Scheduling
d-one is a cloud-based supply chain management platform, which assists enterprises across manufacturing or automotive industries create supply plans and control and execute sales and inventory operations. Features include voice interaction, KPI tracking, traceability, scheduling, digital twin, Gantt charts, and predictive maintenance. Saber más sobre d-one
Ruum is a collaborative, AI-driven project management solution for teams which provides project management, task tracking, and progress reporting. The platform is designed for sales, marketing, HR, supply chain, analytics, and professional services teams, and integrates with the SAP C/4HANA suite. Saber más sobre Ruum by SAP
Zielnavigator is the target management and strategy software tailored for medium-sized businesses. Saber más sobre Zielnavigator
Alinea tus objetivos individuales con los de tu empresa, equipos y departamentos para crecer rápidamente con el software de planificación estratégica de Inspire. Saber más sobre Inspire
Donoma StoneScribe es una solución basada en la nube y diseñada para ayudar a las empresas a supervisar, almacenar y gestionar sus datos de comunicación electrónica. Sus principales funciones incluyen análisis de cumplimiento, gestión de retención legal, creación de flujos de trabajo, etiquetado, descubrimiento electrónico y seguimiento del... Saber más sobre OneVault
Make working with finance easier for all teams. Bring headcount management, spend management, and business partner collaboration into one place with Trace, the service desk for finance. Saber más sobre Trace Spend
Space is an all-in-one solution for software teams and tech companies that completely covers development pipeline, communication, and team and project management. Saber más sobre Space
Core Strategy is a strategic planning software that allows enterprises to define and monitor the progress of strategic initiatives. Saber más sobre Core Strategy
revVana is a Revenue Operations Platform that automates revenue forecasting. revVana runs natively inside Salesforce and enables companies to forecast directly from their Sales pipeline and other ERP software. With revVana, companies can forecast their revenue at any given time as forecasts are gene Saber más sobre revVana
UMT360 is a strategic portfolio management software that helps break down organizational silos so you can continuously connect, align, and orchestrate all investments with strategies to more effectively drive business performance. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and former Microsoft Partner of the year for PPM, we provide both the business and... Saber más sobre UMT360
Tidemark amplía la planificación financiera, la previsión y la creación de informes a toda la empresa con una potente plataforma creada desde la nube y aplicaciones empresariales intuitivas diseñadas para dispositivos móviles. Saber más sobre Tidemark
Corporate Planner es un paquete de planificación financiera y gestión de operaciones diseñado para ayudar a las empresas de los sectores de bienes raíces, atención médica, automotriz, fabricación, etc., a gestionar las actividades relacionadas con presupuestos, pronósticos, mitigación de riesgos, revisión del rendimiento y más. Saber más sobre Corporate Planner Sales
Bizview helps enterprises manage budgeting, reporting, and analytics operations. It offers an Excel- like interface, which enables organizations to improve forecasting capabilities and display business processes using custom forms and various budgeting models like zero-based, hybrid, and more. Saber más sobre Bizview
Midaxo is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses streamline mergers and acquisitions (M&A), deal evaluation, and strategic planning operations. It enables organizations to store information related to project plans, communications, and business documents in a centralized repository. Saber más sobre Midaxo
Elate helps businesses define strategies, evaluate objectives, and track performance of members across teams via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to establish hierarchies in teams and collaborate with multiple departments to share details and analyze goals. Saber más sobre Elate
Strategypoint es un software de planificación estratégica que ayuda a las empresas y organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro a gestionar planes, tarjetas de puntuación, objetivos, buenas prácticas y otras actividades. Los líderes empresariales pueden crear planes estratégicos basados en visiones, valores, fortalezas, debilidades, oportunidades y... Saber más sobre Strategypoint
Inpensa's Connected Capital Planning platform helps finance executives make and manage more timely and effective Capex decisions. Saber más sobre Inpensa
DegreeSight is an ecosystem that helps students find and select their target schools, then determine a cost-and-time effective path to graduation using their unofficial transcripts and a selected major, saving thousands and increasing their likelihood of enrollment. Saber más sobre DegreeSight
With TASKBOSS you have an overview of all tasks in your company, plan projects precisely and leverage time tracking to create invoices in record time. Manage tasks, structure your projects and track time accurately?—?optimize your workflow with TASKBOSS to get the decisive advantage! Saber más sobre TASKBOSS
Mosaic is a strategic finance platform that powers agile planning, real-time reporting, deeper analysis, and better decision-making for fast-growing startups. Consolidating data from ERP, CRM, HRIS, and billing systems, the platform provides a single source of truth across the business. Saber más sobre Mosaic
i-nexus es un software de ejecución de estrategias basado en la nube que proporciona a las empresas herramientas para crear carteras estratégicas y supervisar el progreso de los proyectos en una plataforma centralizada. Los supervisores pueden determinar los objetivos empresariales o financieros, supervisar los KPI y gestionar la asignación de... Saber más sobre i-nexus
Simple is an intelligent marketing platform managing all marketing operations from campaign ideation to execution. Saber más sobre Simple Marketing Operations
Duedilify’s strategic planning tools are designed so that even newbies to business strategic planning tools are able to easily use it to develop growth strategies for their small businesses. Saber más sobre Duedilify
WorkProject es un software de gestión de proyectos con una tecnología única que te ayuda a administrar eficazmente el tiempo y controlar los costes. Saber más sobre WorkProject
UNTAP Portfolio Management helps you consolidate your financial results, value creation planning and ESG metrics. By combining ESG metrics with your VCP & portfolio monitoring you can measure, benchmark & improve your sustainability goals & clearly demonstrate to your stakeholders the positive Saber más sobre UNTAP by EXM
Product Management Dashboard is a plugin for the Jira application, which helps organizations design, launch, and manage product development strategies and analyze prices, costs, roadmap, and market potential on a unified portal. The platform enables businesses to assign tasks and monitor changes across the teams using the TaskSignalizer. Saber más sobre Product Management Dashboard – Strategic Product Management Software
Gemini revolutionizes workforce planning and analytics for every company’s most important resource – its people. The impact of workforce planning and rapid decision making is more critical than ever before. Gemini is designed to put you in the driver's seat for all enterprise planning activities. Saber más sobre Gemini
AI Talent Analytics enables your organization to measure the impact of a range of metrics on Business and Talent performance and make decisions based on data. We help organizations to ensure they have the right people in the right roles so talent can be directly linked to driving business value. Saber más sobre EDLIGO Talent Analytics
Fullcast is a revOps platform designed to help businesses plan, design, execute and strategize sales plans, define go-to-market policies and automate revenue operations using forecasting, goal setting, and scenario planning capabilities. Saber más sobre Fullcast
Mitra enables the systematization of processes with a high level of customization, complementing the ERP. The company offers various lines of applications are analytics, planning which includes budget tracking, cash flow management as well as production management, and process flows. Saber más sobre Mitra
If you are a brand leader who appreciates high ROAS and conversion rates and is tired of sales pitches, this platform is for you. With Mayple you only work with vetted growth marketers, who have already cracked the challenges you have today. Saber más sobre Mayple Platform
Stratify provides the next-generation of cloud budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solutions, designed to enable finance teams to be more strategic and engage stakeholders across the organization in a continuous planning process. Saber más sobre Stratify
Vikhon is an intelligence platform for strategic HRs integrated with Business. Saber más sobre Vikhon
Growth Forge is a cloud-based software as a service that helps innovation teams formulate, model, and evaluate business strategies to iteratively develop concepts from a hypothesis into real businesses. Saber más sobre Growth Forge

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